What would we be entitled to?

I want to move out of my parents house and my boyfriend wants to get off the streets. He's only just applied for job seekers.

I'm 20 and he's 24 nearly 25 so he's entitled to a 1 bed flat and i'm entitled to a room.

I live in Harlow but want to move to Waltham Abbey.

I'm going to apply for a budget loan and crisis loan and he's going to apply for a crisis loan for rent in advance and a few bits of furniture like a bed for example.

Once we've found a place that takes DSS do we apply for housing benefit and if so how long does that take to come through?

The average rent pcm is £650 for a one bed flat in waltham abbey.

How much should i ask for with the budget loan?

Please don't tell me to get a job as my most pressing need at the moment is to get my bf off the street and to get my own independence. Once we have a place my bf will get a job and i would love to work, but at the moment even if i was working i wouldn't have enough to rent a room.

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    1 decade ago
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    First off I take you are going to rent privately. If this is the case then BEFORE you sign any lease contact the housing benefit section of your local council (where the property is ) and ask them for a 'pre-rental determination', they will then tell you how much Housing Benefit you will get as a couple for any address you look at.

    If it is a private tenancy then there is likely to be a shortfall between what you get in Housing Benefit and the rent you need to pay, you will be responsible for paying that.

    Next thing is you will need to make a joint claim for JSA when you are living as a couple, this will means less money as couples get less than two individuals.

    Your boyfriend is not going to get a Crisis loan payment for a rent adavance and certainly not for furniture. This is not a crisis. You are also unlikely to get a budgetting loan in adavnace as you don't need it until you have a house. Once you get a house both of you will have to apply jointly for the loan.

    You will need to pay back the loan and your excess rent and all bills on a lesser amount of JSA. Perhaps you should think this through more

    The best course would be for your BF as an indvidual to present as homeless to the local council and let him start to get sorted before moving in with each other.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOu have been dating this guy for 3 months. You believe that you may be knocked up, you are going to support him and move in with him.

    Yes, you are in love, but I see that you are in love with BEING IN LOVE.

    SLOW DOWN. Do something for yourself. What about getting a job that supports you first or going to school.

    The truth about this guy? It's HIS fault that he is homeless. It's his fault that he could be to jail (he missed the appt and he did the crime).

    Lets recap. You are 20 y/o without many prospects. You want to shack up with a guy that you have dated for 3 months and just started a sexual relationship (yea, I know you have known him for years); after only a month, you think you were knocked up; you want to go on welfare for this guy and get loans to support him. He is not the type of guy to actually stand up and do what is needed (yea, I know, it's everyone elses fault, but his . . .).

    Please, grow up and start to look out for yourself. Other wise you will be posting here is several years that you have one or two kids, the love of your life has isn't working, and you are one your own with no money, no education, no hope.

    GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    WHAT you can still get housing benefit if your working!!!!

    idiot STOP taking my TAXES to pay for your lazy *** boyfriend, BOTH of you should get a JOB, my daughter suffers enough because i have to work all hours god sends then i get taxed most of it, HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU CAN SPONGE GROW UP!!!!!

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