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Microsoft Word problem

我想問如果有一篇Word document經過數次的Copy/Cut/Paste的動作把文字輸入, 是不是有跡可尋? 我曾經見過有人可以將個Screen分開了上一半及下一半, 上一半是正在工作的文件,而下一半則可以顯示你幾時用過"Tab", "Copy", "Paste", "Cut" etc., 還有可以看到有那一段文字不是用手打而是Copy & Paste 的; 請各位高人幫幫忙話比我知點樣可以睇到啦. Thanks so much!!

(請注意: 我不是指追蹤修訂喎!

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    perhaps that is Corel Wordperfect Office.

    Corel ceased devleopment on this product long ago.

    yes, you can view all format codes in the code panel at the lower half of the screen.

    2008-07-24 15:00:30 補充:

    oops, still available

    Corel Wordperfect Office X4


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