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英文問題 (about handling pressure)

Mandy has been very upset lately because her parents are getting divorced.

How can you comfort Mandy?

What would you advise her to do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dear Mandy,

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems.Don't worry because I'm here to try and help you.

    You've mentioned that your parents are getting divorced and so you became very upset.Well,to be frank,I don't know what extent your parents' relationship gets to.I understand it's always very difficult for children to get over such situation.(One of my fds had encountered such matter a year ago too.)It would be a good idea for you not to interrupt in their problems,for you cannot help them anything except leaving themselves calm.

    Moreover,I think you ought to relax yourself.As I've said before,you really can't help settle their problems.If I were you,I would go out more often with my friends instead of staying at home.Every parent loves their children,donesn't they?Though they are mad with each other,they would still be happy to see their beloved daughter laugh.I believe they won't want to see you becoming so upset because of their own problems.

    Lastly,if you don't like my above-mentioned idea and you'd like to stay home to comfort either of your parents,just give them a big hug/kiss.Sometimes,actions are better than words.But after all,I still think you,no matter a children/a teenager,ought to make yourself happy,at least you should try.Maybe,this is the only way to make your parents comfortable.

    I hope the above advices can help u.Don't be so upset.Things will work out fine soon.

    Please let me know if u need further advice.

    Best wishes,


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