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20點求高手 中翻英 已有大至翻譯 求文法和語意更正

本論文主題為移植韓國mizi所開發的vivi開機載入器至擎亞Coasia C340開發板。最終目標是將開機載入器燒錄至NAND型快閃記憶體,達成引導及載入作業系統核心的作用。在硬體方面,擎亞Coasia C340開發板是採用韓國Samsung公司所生產的S3C2440處理器及K9F2G08U0A的NAND型快閃記憶體,提供較快的處理速度及較大的儲存空間。搭配USB 1.1規格的裝置協定來傳輸資料,達成完整開機啟動程序。

The topic of this thesis is porting the vivi bootloader which is developed by MIZI Research, Inc to the C340 Evaluation Board of CoAsia Corp. We have accomplished a demonstration of burning the bootloader to NAND flash memory and contriving boot OS kernel. In the hardware of C340 Evaluation Board, S3C2440 processor and K9F2G08U0A of NAND flash memory are manufactured by Samsung Corp. and provide faster processing speed and larger storage space. Finally, using USB ver1.1 specifications of the device to transmit OS kernel and reach booting OS kernel process.




謝謝who i am啦

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    The topic of this thesis paper is on the porting of the vivi bootloader developed by MIZI Research, Inc onto the C340 Evaluation Board of CoAsia Corp. Our goal is to burn the bootloader onto the NAND flash memory in order to induct and boot up the OS Kernel (*directly).

    The hardware specification of C340 Evaluation Board includes the S3C2440 processor and the K9F2G08U0A NAND flash memory, both manufactured by Samsung Corp., for faster processing speed and larger storage space; along with the utilization of USB 1.1 device protocol for data transfer, completes the OS kernel boot process.


    * 你的意思是否直接從快閃記憶體載入 OS?如果是的話,那那個最後那個 directly 就可以加上去,否則就拿掉。



    但你提供的英文卻說:「We have accomplished a demonstration...」(我們已經成功完成...)


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    This thesis topic for transplant mizi in Korea develop of the vivi switch on loader to Qing second Coasia C340 development plank.The final target is to will switch on the loader burn to record to a NAND type a flash memory and reach a leading and load in the function of operation system core.At the hardware, the Qing second Coasia the C340 development plank is adoption Korea Samsung company produce of the S3 C2440 processors and the NAND type of the As of the K9 F2 G08 U0 flash memory, provide quicker processing speed and bigger store space.Match USB 1.1 specifications of the device make an agreement to deliver data and reach an integrity to switch on to start procedure.


    這一個論題的主題正在移植被 MIZI 研究發展的 vivi bootloader,對我們有的 CoAsia 公司的 C340 評估董事會的公司完成的燃燒對反及快閃記憶體的 bootloader 而且發明長靴作業系統核心的示範。 在 C340 評估董事會的硬體中, S3 C2440 處理器和反及快閃記憶體的 K9 F2 G08 U0 A 被韓國三星公司製造而且更快速地提供處理速度和較大的儲藏空間。 最後,使用萬用串列匯流排 ver dev 的 1.1件規格

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    The present paper subject for transplants vivi opening machine writing

    down which South Korean mizi develops to hold up Asian Coasia the C340

    development board. The ultimate objective is records the opening

    machine writing down fever to NAND quickly dodges the memory body,

    achieves guides and writes down the work system core the function. In

    the hardware aspect, holds up Asian Coasia the C340 development board

    is uses the S3C2440 processor and K9F2G08U0A NAND which South Korean

    Samsung Corporation produces quickly dodges the memory body, provides

    the quicker processing speed and the bigger storage space. Matches the

    USB 1.1 specifications the installments to reach an agreement

    transmits the material, achieves the integrity opening machine start


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