what is the etymology af lingua franca and what lingua means and also franca means?

hope you can help me i've been searchin' it for about 2 hours but i cant find the right answers.....

i realy have to know it co'z it's my assignment..

i'm a 1st yr AB english student..

and our prof. got angry with us last tuesday,, because all of our answer is wrong

hope you can help me thnx

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    From Italian lingua franca. - Common language

    A lingua franca (Italian literally meaning Frankish language, see etymology below) is any language widely used beyond the population of its native speakers. ...

    From Online Etymology Dictionary

    lingua franca

    1678, from Italian, literally "Frankish tongue." Originally a form of communication used in the Levant, a stripped-down Italian peppered with Spanish, French, Greek, Arabic, and Turkish words. The name is probably from the Arabic custom, dating back to the Crusades, of calling all Europeans Franks.


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    n., pl. lingua fran·cas (-kəz) also linguae fran·cae (frăng'kē, frăn'sē).

    1. A medium of communication between peoples of different languages.

    2. A mixture of Italian with Provençal, French, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, and Turkish, formerly spoken on the eastern Mediterranean coast.

    [Italian : lingua, language + franca, Frankish (that is, European).]

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