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General Surgeon??

What does a general surgeon do and what parts of the body does it operate on? Pros and cons.

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    1 decade ago
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    General surgeons deal with *general* surgical problems, i.e. anything that falls into the ED on your average weekday - emergency abdominal surgery (appendicectomies, decompression of bowel obstruction), vascular emergencies, plastics emergencies (accidentally chopping bits of yourself off) - a bit of everything really. Most of them have a sub-speciality too. I am currently working under a general surgeon who specialises in lower gastrointestinal surgery (mostly colorectal cancers etc). Pros and cons... Err, pros - if you like surgery you get to do a wide range of it. Cons - you need to know lots of anatomy and random crap that probably wouldn't be much use if you decided to change career and become a banker ;o) No idea on the latter part I'm afraid, I'm not one myself...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to a Medical Bookstore and buy a book on General Surgery. What do you mean pros and cons? about what?

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  • 3 years ago

    i had an abscess in my armpit my kinfolk wellbeing care professional referred me to a great dermatologist. She used a community anesthetic, and that i haven't any scarring. Oh my abscess exchange into with regard to the size of a small lemon-after it healed I had some discoloration-it appeared like a bruise-even even with the shown fact that it went away very rapidly. Ask your rfile for a referral. A dermatologist could additionally inform you while you're at risk for abscesses on different aspects of your physique.

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