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Latin, Chinese, and Korean?

Around when were the Latin, Chinese, and Korean languages created?

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    Latin was the language spoken by the Romans in Italy, the people who created the Roman Empire. The Latin language was not deliberately created. It was the language spoken on the streets of Rome, a lot more like Italian or Spanish than the Latin that we read in books today. Street Latin was a kind of slang, just as we have slang speech in modern languages, in modern times, different from the written language.

    However, Roman citizens, authors, writers, playwrights, and poets, like Cicero and Vergil, did create the more complicated forms that we see in written Latin: they added constructions, conjugations, and declensions to deal with more complicated ways of dealing with information in time and space. The authors needed to add all those strange tenses with the strange-sounding names, to convey ideas more complicated than the street lingo could handle.


    "Korean is not closely related to any other language, though a distant genetic kinship to Japanese is now thought probable by some scholars, and an even more remote relationship to the Altaic languages is possible. Korean was written with Chinese characters to stand in various ways for Korean meanings and sounds as early as the 12th century, though substantial documentation is not evident until the invention of a unique phonetic script for it in 1443. This script, now called Hangul, represents syllables by arranging simple symbols for each phoneme into a square form like that of a Chinese character. Grammatically, Korean has a basic subject-object-verb word order and places modifiers before the elements they modify."


    As we know, written Chinese is not an alphabetic language. We call Chinese characters as 'squared characters' and they are. They seems very complicated and hard to learn. But Chinese is the most used language in the world and certainly one of the most beautiful languages. It will be interesting to know its origin.

    The development of Chinese characters can be dated back to about 4,500 years as discovered at Yanghe, Shandong Province in recent years. There are about a dozen pottery wine vessels unearthed, which have a character each. Those characters are quite close to the oracle inscriptions carved by the ancients of the Shang Dynasty (16th to 11th century B. C.).


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