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Anyone know of a good insurance company? This is a dog question!?

My husband and I currently have car insurance through Progressive, and home owners through All State. Recently I have been calling both to see if they could get me a lower price on the other. I called progressive to see about the home insurance and they were about to save me almost 200$ until she asked what kinds of dogs I have- I'm not going to lie and risk insurance fraud, I'm also very proud of my dogs so I told her we have a AmStaff/Rott mix and a pitbull. She then said that they wouldn't even give me a quote because we own a pitbull. I called All State (I had told them originally we have a mutt) and their rules are you can have one rott, OR one doberman, OR one german shepard, but you cannot however have a mix or purebred pitbull. But since we got the pibull after our policy started it's O.K.. Maybe I'm over reacting but I don't want insurance through either of these companies anymore because they discriminate. Any good insurance companies that aren't so ignorant out there?


I did ask and no, no difference made.

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    State Farm.

    I'm with them and I have a pit bull. They didn't bat an eyelash - asked if ANY of my dogs had a bite history. I haven't noticed an increase either - in fact they're cheaper than alot of the other places I got quotes from.

    here's a list of some popular insurance carriers and their dog policies:

    Some quotes about state farm:

    " Mom says we’ve always had State Farm because they’re not prejudiced against any dogs."

    "State Farm stood tall and refused to give in to the media and local and state government bias against bully breeds. Instead, State Farm, along with their actuaries, took a look at the data and saw no evidence that bully breeds were more dangerous than other breeds of dog."

    "Instead of disqualifying certain breeds, State Farm "Insurance has a different approach. Agents will meet the homeowner's dog and then make a decision on their premium."

    "State Farm doesn't distinguish between breeds but won't insure any dog with a history of attacks"

  • This question has been asked several times tonight and no one has been able to come up with an answer. All insurance companies now have an "aggressive breed" list that they follow.

    My only suggestion is to ask them if it makes a difference if your dog is certified in obedience and has a "Good Citizen" certificate.

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    dang.. this is another occassion of "the good suffers for the bad"

    if it wouldn't be for the "dog fighters" out there..

    who give a "less than impressive image" of your breed of dog...

    wish you luck

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