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Cycling Shoes.?

I'm planning to buy some cleats but I'm not sure if I'm buying the correct shoe for the correct pedal and set.

Will these pair of shoes work for:

With these pedals:

With these Cleats:

Which shoe would you recommend? In my opinion I would choose Shimano


Will both Pairs of shoes work on the cleats and pedals? Or do any of the shoes even work for the cleats and pedals?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Shimano shoes you have selected do not have the proper slots on the underside of the sole to accommodate SPD cleats. Rather, the Shimano shoes have SPD-SL (or "superlight") slots. (You'll notice in the one picture, there are three bolt holes forming a triangle - that is the SPD-SL configuration.) Thus, you cannot use SPD cleats or pedals with those shoes.

    The Diadora shoes have slots for both SPD and SPD-SL. (You'll notice the parallel slots used for SPD and then the triangle of three bolt holes for SPD-SL in the picture.) You'll be able to use either style cleat/pedal you like. They make good shoes, so you won't be disappointed. I have a pair of Cannondale road shoes that are actually made by Diadora and they fit me well. I also have an awesome pair of Shimano mountain shoes that are just great. Overall, the Shimanos fit my foot the best, but that is me.

    Also, the pedals usually come with the appropriate cleats in the box, so you probably don't need to buy a separate pair. It doesn't hurt to have an extra set for when the brass wears down and you need to replace the cleats.

    All that said, I'd strongly recommend trying on these shoes in a shop before buying them sight unseen from the Internet. This is important because the proper fit makes all the difference in the world with cycling shoes. If the fit is too loose, you won't be transmitting the full power of your cranking force because your feet are sloshing around in your shoes. This defeats the whole purpose of cycling shoes in the first place. If the fit is too tight, then you are going to be miserable, have numb feet, and do yourself some damage. You can, of course, gamble and hope the fit is right, but you may be sorry later on. Cycling shoes fit much differently than tennis shoes and the Euro sizes throw another wrench in the works if you're not used to them.

    If you're looking for a good deal, I might also suggest checking out and/or for good prices on the whole shoe, cleat, pedal purchase.

    Source(s): avid cyclist
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  • 4 years ago

    i could purchase the shoes using fact the shorts will purchase you some convenience however the shoes allow you to pass a honest volume swifter, make it much less complicated to pedal and could upload convenience over clips and you will placed capability extra effectively to the wheels.

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