does verizon use sim cards like at&t?

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    Most Verizon phones are CDMA only devices, which in their implementation do not use a SIM card.

    There is at least one Verizon device, the BlackBerry 8830 that does have a SIM card inside. The device is designed for worldwide use, so it has a GSM 900/1800 radio for use outside the US. This, however, does not mean you can pull the SIM out of an 8830 and use it in any GSM handset though..

    It is possible for a CDMA phone to use a device that's essentially a SIM, but it's called a R-UIM (Removable Universal Identity Module), but those aren't used in the US by either CDMA carrier (Verizon & Sprint).

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    Does Verizon Use Sim Card

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    4G LTE Phones are not CDMA Enabled anymore. Verizon did away with CDMA on 4G LTE phones. If your phone has a Sim Card Slot, Verizon uses that sim card to enable LTE. CDMA Technology is way too old to handle LTE Speeds. This is why Verizon bought the GSM Spectrum and starting using SIm Cards for their LTE Phones. All 4G phones are still CDMA which you can not swap out of the account.

    Verizon is more competing with AT&T and the mobility of swapping phones. All you need is a working Sim Card from Verizon and it can work on any Verizon Sim Card Based phone. This means you can swap out phones as long you have a working Sim Card. Same Concept as AT&T. The only thing you CAN"T DO is use a AT&T Sim Base Phone on a Verizon Sim Card.

    CDMA does not have the technology available or will it ever have LTE. So Verizon had to dip into the Sim Card Technology.

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    You cannot. Because Verizon doesn't use Sim cards, they are what you call CDMA phones. The only phone for Verizon that uses a Sim Card is the blackberry storm. Basically, I would say Verizon and AT&T are pretty much similar price wise. All the phone companies are expensive, so really, it doesn't matter to me. Hope I helped :]

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    Well look at it this way, HELLO anyone look at the IPHONE?? the 5 on up started using a sim card!! Yes to activate it just like ATT and Tmobile does. So yes if your phone is unlocked regardless GSM or Verizon you can interchange them! I did! I had an IPHONE 6 that was ATT which hello GSM! I had it unlocked and used my sim card from Verizon yes you read it correct Verizon! I inserted that sim into my GSM phone and it worked and I was able to make calls, receive calls and facetime everything just like I had on my Verizon phone! OH BTW Verizon doesn t lock their phones anymore!! And I ordered a "GSM" unlocked IPhone 7 which hello I will get the correct sim from Verizon stick it in there and yes it will work!! So listen to what people said above!! If the phone is unlocked and you have a 4G LTE Sim card then it will work in any phone regardless if its Sprint/ Verizon ATT or TMOBILE.

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    does verizon use sim cards like at&t?

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    Additional reading material:

    The government determines which bandwidth within the spectrum that can be used for wireless communications and sell (or auction) space to the Service providers. Once they have their piece of the spectrum the Service providers supply the network (or “highway”) and the handset manufacturers provide the mobile devices (or “cars”) that travel on it. There are two main types of network technologies for wireless communication (CDMA or GSM), either one does a fantastic job at transporting your voice and data streams up to certain speeds.

    “4G LTE” is a faster network for data signals as it operates at a bandwidth that’s higher on the electromagnetic spectrum and is independent of the voice network, so all service providers provide 4G LTE service regardless if their voice network uses CDMA or GSM.

    Some of the main differences b/w CDMA and GSM relevant to the original question:

    Global System for Mobile Communications or “GSM” networks use a SIM card to store subscriber information so you can move your SIM card from one GSM handset to another GSM handset and the network doesn’t care (all is good). This type of network is predominant in Asia and Europe, and used in the USA by companies like AT&T, & T-Mobile. Therefore depending on how you want to use your phone when travelling, get a local SIM, slap it in your device to avoid roaming charges … if you want to stay in touch with people back home then use your USA SIM (that’s why there are dual SIM devices now).

    Code Division Multiple Access or “CDMA” networks keep subscriber information safe in the CORE of their network. Combined with their inherent encryption algorithms, CDMA networks make it almost impossible for anyone to “clone” your phone … that’s why the US Military developed and use this technology as well as USA companies like Verizon, Sprint, and Cricket.

    Handset manufacturers like Samsung for example, will make a device with its own operating system (Android, Windows, etc.) then add all kinds of features, bells, & whistles, but they still have to decide which wireless technology to put in the handset. Therefore they often make a device that works on GSM networks and an identical sister model that works on CDMA networks. Each of these phones can be equipped to operate within a given spectrum or spectrums. Not all governments allow wireless communications within the same area of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, so each of the phones may be offered with various combinations of spectrum capabilities (“Global phones” offer the biggest number of combinations). Now you understand why there are so many model numbers for phones that physically look to be the same … but they are not.

    For those who say Verizon offers “some” GSM devices … that is true. Sometimes a CDMA or GSM provider will purchase a smaller competitor who has a network using the other technology in a specific area. That’s where the “roaming wars” begin for the providers, but not a concern for subscribers as your device will work just fine regardless of who gets your money.

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    yes some of verizon phones have to have a sim card depends on what phone u have like the htc phones and lg revolution has to have sim card

    mostly smart phones do

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    No because verizon doesnt allow you to give out phone to other people and its so dumb that you gotta call them up and ask them to switch it for a charge so stick with sim cards even thought verizon gots great service so does AT&T

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