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Does it sound like I have a middle ear infection? doctors PLEASE help.?

the only symptoms i have are:

-decreased hearing out of the ear

-obviously, my ear is hurting (the pain is not UNBEARABLE, but it hurts pretty badly)

-it hurts when i chew/when my jaw pops (which it does almost everytime my mouth opens. the pain is bad, but it would not make me not want to eat.)

i don't have a fever or a cold.

i am just wondering... i am going out of town tomorrow for 3 days, and i am worried about my ear drum rupturing, will that happen?

i first noticed my ear hurt a very tiny bit and my hearing in the ear was just barely not as good as the other one at exactly 3 days ago.

it has since gotten worse.

so can anyone tell me if i have a middle ear infection.

every once in a while it sounds like a cat is purring in my ear, haha, as weird as that sounds.

my parents want to take me to urgent care (?)

but i keep telling them it's not that serious.

is it?

please help!


it is my RIGHT ear.

haha, didn't know if that mattered.

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    could be and if so you need antibiotics, but if you refuse to go to the doctor, at least buy special OTC eardrops and apply them to the affected ear after heating it JUST A LITTLE BIT in the microwave.

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    Sorry not a doctor but you may have TMJ. Also check you if you can pull on the outside of your ear and it hurts to do that, it may be swimmers ear. I would let your parents take you to the Urgent Care place. If it is nothing then you can stop worrying and if it is you will get some drops for your ear or antibiotics.

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    you've tinnitus which impacts the inner ear or perhaps if dizziness is in simple terms no longer a sympton, there aren't the different sorts of drugs accessible for this situation. in truth, the medicine is ineffective even if it would not do any damage till you're easily clinically determined with the tinnitus situation because it would want to easily be an infection (that oftentimes finally ends up being tinnitus besides if no longer treated in its early ranges). you may decrease the affectation by technique of no longer making use of ear bud earphone yet exterior earphones, no longer have noises or song etc concentrated to in ordinary words one fringe of the suitable like one piece earphone or audio gadget to at least one aspect impeding rapidly in route of one ear moreso. i have suffered tinnitus considering i replaced into 8 years previous. i imagine it replaced into led to by technique of a firecracker exploding close to my ear (stupid early existence video games throwing firecrackers at one yet another). it truly is a prelude to deafness (what?) yet gained't height till you're properly into your Nineteen Seventies to which a listening to help will be likely.

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    it may be an infection, are you flying for you three day trip?

    I think seeing the ENT is a must. Ear problems are bearable one day and the next you can't even stand it, ask anyone that's been there.

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    You're going to die...

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