Negative Opinion of Today's Teenagers.?

This is something that really gets on my nerves. It seems that people today have an increasingly negative opinion of teenagers. I am sixteen and am constantly disgusted by the derogatory comments I hear about people in my age group. For Example, in many answers on this website regarding adolescents, I'll read responses such as "they don't listen" or "Teens are so rude" or "They're all so plugged in, and spoiled with cellphones and things."

If you do know teens that are rude, it doesn't mean that it's because of their age, or that all teens are that way. In fact, I believe that when teens act out, it's because they are raised by parents, media, and society that that is the way teens are supposed to behave, with negative stereotypes in comments and shows. People live up to their expectations, you know?

So, if you have a positive comment about teens, it would be really refreshing.

Or, if you have a reason why i'm wrong, and teens are horrible, i'd love to hear a different perspective.


Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate it :)

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    I feel really sorry for most teens to be honest. The vast majority are perfectly normal healthy teens but the minority ruin it for the rest! I certainly blame the parents if a teen goes seriously off the rails its usually because they have had a rough time at home and that combined with the lack of discipline in schools for those who need it, I feel that is where the problems lie. As for all the gadgets and mobile phones, who buys them? The parents!! I also think that the media are on some kind of witch hunt and cause a lot of the negativity which in turn causes society to label all teens as troublemakers. I really dont think that teens are any different nowaday to when I was one back in the 80's, its the world thats changed and in a lot of ways its not for the better!

    Source(s): My daughter is one!! :) She has her moments, but then again I was no angel either!!!!!
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    They're more misbehaved, ignorant, and arrogant. Forget being religious, that's the least that concerns me, but they have absolutely no regards for morals. They don't seem to have any respect for their own parents, let alone authority. They flunk school and it shows in their normal, daily speech as well as their activities. I've had a lot who've said I'm not an Asian because Asians are people ONLY from China & Japan (while Pakistan IS in the continent of Asia). They don't know simple things, such as geography or a basic grade 7 Algebra question. Oh, and supposedly, Egypt's in Europe beside Germany (or so, I've been told by these dumb idiots). That's another good one, they use the term "apparently" instead of "supposedly".

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    Why does the media always promote the negative and never the positive?

    I mean every single time you hear teens mentioned your always going to hear something negative mentioned and it seems like rarely is something positive mentioned. You read in your newspapers teens on drugs, Teens do this. Why the heck aren't they focusing on the good? I know theirs good teens out there, You know there's good teens out there but it seems like no one cares to listen.

    Let's be honest, some arrogance can be expected from teens because of the hormones kicking in so that's normal however for people to just say their plain rude isn't true. I've meet rude adults so this stereotype is completly inaccurate. I hold the door open for my elders, I help out my grandparents by no means am I Mr. Perfect but I most certainly am a polite person. I may loose my cool like anyone does from time to time but I am an overall good person.

    The Media and Society really needs to stop putting teens in such a negative light. I mean if we actually put stories on TV about the good things teens are doing we would actually PROMOTE doing good things.

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    Hi, Your opinions really interest me as I am the mother of a 15year old and, but not too old to remember being a teen myself. Historically, every generation complains about their teens. Back in the 50s people thought rock and roll was going to be the demise of society. Back then, parents and 'the establishment' didn't understand the Beatles, their mindset, their music or the fashion of the times. I think we can agree on this point. The difference today , in my opinion, is that teens need to be plugged into something because of their hunger for instant gratification. The 'I want it now' generation. I know there are some teens out there who are out of control - or should I say- are allowed to BE out of control. There are also parents who just aren't fit to be parents. You're right though - we shouldn't generalize. What worries parents is when you're plugged in you tune out to the realities of life. When you're plugged in you can be anyone you want. Now - we (as the parents of teens) must be accountable and take responsibility for the social culture we have created for our teens. Do you realize all the crap we get to watch on tv and the messages the media bombards us with everyday? We are turning into a culture of misfits, idiots and retards with little or no moral value.

    This is what worries me

    Keep searching for answers to your questions - now that's impressive!

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    1 decade ago

    You are 100% correct. Stereo types are wrong in all forms.

    . It is one thing to say that teens in general don't have experience for example but another to say all teens are rude or spoiled.

    Teens act out in all generations ans it is not because of tv or the media for most parts. It is because they are striving for independence and they have to learn alot of things in their own way and through theor own things.

    Negative comment about teens.

    I do not know why they aren't more involved with politics. Most of the decisions being made are going to affect them most of all and they have more freedom and more time and more energy to be able to fight wrongs


    This is a big one

    Teens are more tolerant and less bigoted then previous generations. You would think that humanity would be smart enough to accept people as they are whether black. arab. gay, or whatever, There are more interracial marriahes which I belive is a good thing and more people are accepting of it

    It is their business. This generation is the most accepting of differences in people and their personal choices

    Best to you

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    1 decade ago

    I agree, there seems to be A LOT of stereotypes about teenagers now-a-days. It is because although adults say they "remember what it was like as a teen", they DONT know what it is like, because soo many things have changed.

    Teens like only act out because parents set such tight rules.

    I think that parents set such tight rules because of stereotypes, so basically it is a vicious-cycle.

    Teens are only spoiled with electronics because this is the 21st century, not the 1960's.... there are a lot of advances in technology.

    It gets on my nerves too! I just want to like tell everyone that NEWSFLASH: 2008 IS DIFFERENT THAN 1968!!!!

    Parents never quite get the message though.


    edit: Also a lot of teens help their community. At least at my school, 100 hours of community service are required each year and good grades and determination are also required or you get kicked out of school.

    I think adults underestimate teens by a lot! Because like it or not -- we are your future =D

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    1 decade ago

    I think you are right and highly intelligent. But the view of teens isn't going to change as long as teens like you are few and far between. Be thankful though, my generation was of the first school shootings. Whenever I went out people looked at me like I was going to pull a gun out of no where. I would have preferred to be thought of as spoiled and plugged in.

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    I am 27 and I honestly believe that most teens are spoiled and rude. Most teens walk around with dopey looks on their faces like they don't give a crap about the rest of the world. I am not saying all teens however a majority of them. HOWEVER LET ME BE CLEAR I do not blame the teens I blame the parents. I have the honor to work with teens and parents all the time, the parents are 10x worse than their kid, and we wonder where the behavior comes from...LEARNED BEHAVIOR...i was a teen once too and I remember what it was like, I had my moments but it just seems that teens live their moments everyday 24/7!

  • I totally agree.

    People don't realize that there is a large portion of us who are good. I get A's in honors classes, I volunteer at the emelemtry school, and I'm in two communtiy severive clubs at school.

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    1 decade ago

    teen years are the time people really dont get back..its crazy and fun and maybe older people just dont live in todays generation because back then it was never crazy and you know what they cant be old and wise if you were never young and crazy..

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