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Why does the NFL allow player to re-negociate their contracts?

It is sad that the business of Football has gotten in the way of the sport and that players believe that they are bigger than the game. I our daily lives, we sign a contract, and are obliged to live up to it or face serious repercussions. Why are football players allowed to bail out of contracts, and get a better deal? Teams need to stop bending to players and if they do not perform, take them to court and get all their bonus money and other compensation back. The fans are fed up.

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    i agree even if the player over perform his current contract.

    players should play with their team until their contract expires. why would they sign their contract if they weren't happy about it.

    they should at least make their earning based on their performance that way they don't have to renegotiate and reconstruct their current contract.

    like burress and packers running back grant .they are asking more money now because they think they played so good last year and deserve more money. why ??? why didn't they ask for the money when they first signed the first contract.

    i dont get, but i hate it when players dont report to training camps and start whining about contracts THEY SIGNED.

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    The fans maybe fed up, but they pack the stadiums to the brim on Sunday. The NFL has never been more profitable as it is now. Jerry Jones is building a billion dollar stadium. Going to a Cowboy game is going to get real expensive very soon.

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    Because it is an unpredictable game. Just like teams are allowed to cut players, and only pay a portion of their contracts.

    If I agreed to a 50k dollar a year salary programming computers, and some company offered me 100k a year later, I would be able to take it. Why shouldn't they receive a similar deal?

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  • I know right ? I get sick and tired of even knowing that they let them do that i mean Just Cause you are Mr popularity doesnt mean you get more money than a guy with no pop but more stats than the other guy

    Dont even get me started on Rookies

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    No, the fans aren't. I doubt most of the fans even care.

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    contracts are like laws they where made to be broken!!!!!!!!!

    In a free society you cant tell somebody to do anything you can just get them to sign a contract to let them no if they do what they whant they will pay a little harder if they hadnt of put there name on the dotted line................................sign here and we will pay you...............................dont forget to read the small print.....................................and if i dont what you going to do about decapitate me...............................lol.Just business people trying to make more money than they deserve!!!!!!!!!!!

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