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If Obama were to be elected Pres. how would you feel if he turned out to be another Nelson Mandela?

As the first black Pres. of S. Africa, when Nelson Mendela came to power governance of that Nation went to hell. Today S. Africa is a very dangerous and lawless country.

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    Bush already took care of that and the USA is now a very dangerous and lawless country. There is really no more damage he could add to that. I am more worried about McCain, the war monger, becoming president.

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    Nelson Mandela, correct me if I'm wrong, had a very decent and prosperous presidency when he was in office, S. Africa is actually one of the most developed nations in Africa, which is the poorest and least developed continent in the world. S. Africa is also isolated from just about every major developed nation in the world, it will take it more time to become modernized than it will for most other nations. Mandela is hardly to blame for what S. Africa is, if anything hes responsible for much of its advances. The only reason the country/colony was peaceful in the past was because most of its population was suppressed under a strict government, kind of like Iraq, which has recently had immense problems because of difference in cultures. Keep in mind S. Africa is 79% black, 9% white, and was long ruled by whites, things were bound to hit some bumps in transition.

    To answer the question, yes, in a good way.

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    When Nelson Mandela came to power there, he established the most peaceful and prosperous nation in Africa.

    It is now a mess because of the violence being shown to refugees from other countries; the most notable one being Zimbabwe. So yes, it is a dangerous and lawless country, mostly because they got away from what Nelson Mandela did.

    But yes, I do see Obama being a very similar to Nelson Mandela. He will bring peace and prosperity. And sooner or later the Republicans will eventually retake the White House, and they will immediately place him on the terror watch list.

    Because with over a million names now on that list, you know full well they are just putting people on there they don't like. You know, there is a cameraman and a reporter from CNN that were also put on that list; just like Nelson Mandela.

    He received the Nobel Peace Prize for God's sake. You know that Terror Watch List has become nothing more than a "I don't like you and I'm gonna make your flight hell for you" list for President Bush.

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    i don't think of i could make that assessment. Their lives are particularly distinctive. The international locations are additionally very distinctive. i've got by no potential heard any united states different than the apartheid era South Africa condemn Mandela as a communist or a terrorist. You needless to say do not comprehend what you're speaking approximately.

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    because the US is floundering the younger and naive people

    are putting blind trust into Barack Obama.

    Obama has only been on the American scene since 2004

    so it is still to soon what his influence will be over the voters

    in November. It seems if anyone questions him they lash

    out and to me this is a dangerous sign

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    his worshippers will follow him, like Jim Jones, to the death. nothing will convince them. they are orgasmic for obama...OFO...for he has saved them, and they will be ushered into utopic bliss. Whatever goes wrong, it will be Bush's fault, even if it happens years from now with Bush long gone. Bush will be blamed for the next 100 years by leftist goons. Obama is a deity, they will make churches for him.

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    i agree with you that this will happen if obama is elected..he is a danger to all Americans

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    my guess is i would feel stoned or drunk as there is no way that would happen in real life so my perceptions would have to be SUBSTANTIALLY impaired.

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    What a Communist Terrorist?

    Is he not already!

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