How would you put these songs in order from 8-1?

8 (Worst)

1 (Best)

Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ-Phone Tap

GZA-Liquid Swords

The LOX-Money, Power, Respect

Jay-Z Feat. Mary J. Blige-Can't Knock The Hustle

Mobb Deep-Give Up The Goods


Gang Starr-Mass Appeal

Snoop Dogg-Gin & Juice

(Mine's not in any specific order)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    7. Mass Appeal (iono i dnt lik that song much as much as i love Gangstarr that songs annoying 2 me..)

    6. Phone Tap-The Firm( That phone call ish whack 2

    5 Money, Power, Respect-The Lox ft. Lil' Kim't Knock the Hustle-Jay-Z ft. MJB

    3.GZA-Liquid Swords

    2. Changes-2pac

    1. Gin & Juice-Snoop & Dre( sorry but Im gangsta gangsta!!)

    Source(s): Never heard give up the goods. Dnt listen 2 the mobb much
  • 1 decade ago

    1. Can't Knock The Hustle

    2. Changes

    3. Gin And Juice

    4. Mass Appeal

    5. Liquid Sword

    6. Phone Tap

    7. Give Up The Goods

    8. Money, Power, Respect

  • 1 decade ago

    8. Money, Power, Respect

    7. Changes

    6. Phone Tap

    5.Can't Knock The Hustle

    4. Give up the goods

    3.Gin & Juice

    2.Mass Appeal

    1. Liquid Sword

    This is my personal opinion, I admire the song selection.

  • Anonymous
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