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What is wrong with my Fantasy Baseball Team???

I have no idea what is wrong with it, im in 5th and 20 games out... I should be Dominating, im ina 10 man h2h league and im sucking. what is going on?



please help me on this


Here is my team..

I stole some serious trades at the begining of the year

C Bengie Molina

1BAdrián González

2B Ian Kinsler

3B Álex Rodríguez

SS Orlando Cabrera

OF Curtis Granderson

OF Jason Bay

OF Jacoby Ellsbury

Util Magglio Ordóñez

BN Chipper Jones

BN Evan Longoria


SP E. Volquez

SP J. Peavy

SP J. Santana

RP B. Lyon

RP K. Wood

P G. Sheirell

P. K- Rod

P. J. Beckett

P T. Lincecum

P J. Verlander

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    you need to be a member of the league to view it ... post your team on here and I'll tell you ...

    alright here's the deal ... in my opinion you have a great team, but one thing is bothering me ... why do you have three third basemen? Alex Rodriguez is your starting third baseman and you have Evan Longoria and Chipper Jones, who could both be potent bats on someone else's team, on your bench ... now, granted you have four outfielders, your utility slot is taken up by Magglio Ordonez ... I don't like Jacoby Ellsbury in there ... you have power and you have top of the lineup hitters in good orders ... you don't need the runs scored and you don't need the stolen bases ... Kinsler steals bases, Rodriguez steals bases, Cabrera steals bases, Bay could swipe a few ... Ellsbury therefore, is a useless tool ... he's trade bait for you, a team with three good outfielders already... you better believe Magglio should be in your outfield and Chipper or Evan should be your utility long term ... I'd suggest you keep one of the two and use Ellsbury and the third baseman you choose not to keep to help trade for possibly a better shortstop or a marquee outfielder ... as good as your outfield is, Magglio isn't as big a fantasy impact as he was last year and Bay and Granderson aren't lead with your best foot type fantasy players ... you need a Guerrero or a Hamilton or a Berkman in there...

    When you look at it, Bengie Molina may be a decent option for a catcher considering the lack of quality offense at the position, but he offers you about an 85-90 RBI season ... that's it ... he's scored 29 runs this year and we're well past the halfway point, he's hitting in the .270s and is on pace for about 10 home runs ... you could use some of your bait to trade for a Mauer or a McCann ... personally, I think your hitting needs more work than your pitching ... but remember, Wood is now on the DL and Lyon's ERA is up near 4, so neither are doing much for the finer numbers on your team right now... if those are your starters, you should have no problem in that category ... consider though that Volquez has slumped a little lately, Santana went through a loooong stretch where the Mets gave him no run support and Beckett absolutely hasn't been the pitcher he was last year ... Verlander has picked it up, but his horrid start was no help and the Tigers still aren't at the point where they're bowling teams over enough to get him a win every time out ... Lincecum is flat out phenomenal, but he's not pitching for a good team ... yes, he has 11 wins, but how many could it have been had he been pitching with the Cubs or the Angels?

    These are just little observations and suggestions ... you may run into a hot team one week or a slumping player that brings your team down a bit ... most of it isn't your fault because to be honest, I'd take your team in a heartbeat ... all you gotta do is wait for the pieces to fall into place because that's a 1st place squad in most leagues

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    A sluggish start up by potential of Pujols, Crawford and Atkins harm your team a lot, yet Pujols and Atkins are the two commencing as much as warmth up now. Robinson Cano has been a sadness so some distance this season, Granderson is an superb participant yet i could start up Matthews over him regular of the week. Teahen is having a bad 3 hundred and sixty 5 days and his numbers have become worse each month through fact the season progresses so i could say it is secure to commerce him or out precise drop him. Johan is a stud so as this is okay, Germano has been a stable %. for me in an NL only league yet he's not a #2 in a mixed league. in my opinion i would not roster El Duque. Jenks has been having problems with previous due and his ratios suck yet he gets you saves, think of of Joe Borowski yet heavier lol. ok-Rod is as dominate because it gets. Okajima is a sturdy set up guy who could have some cost in a commerce. Rogers has pitched properly for the reason that getting back from the DL use that as leverage in a commerce. Gordon could have the closer function, yet will he preserve it while Myers returns? Lowry gets no run help yet is a superb pitcher. Morris- see Lowry Meche- he's a Royal you won't be ready to assume too plenty. Francis- could be decrease. highway could be a help while he returns from the DL yet how long he will stay healthful is the subsequent question. in case you have not any transaction cut back attempt a splash pitch and ditch. Drop Francis and use his slot to %. up pitchers for a advantageous adventure up. you additionally can us alot greater potential, why not deal Crawford for Carlos Lee or Vladdy Guerrero for the reason which you may have particularly some steals already. to not point out Lee and Vladdy supply you stats and greater of them contained in maximum persons of the countless varieties. optimistically that helps you out.

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    ok, sherrill and lyon are both on a bad streak right now, wood is going on the dl. I'm not big on bay. maybe try to make a trade of 2 for 1 and go after either a top of or c. someone will want relief help. sp is iffy hard to figure on. a better sp is always nice though. oh yes get a better ss.

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    trade for a better C and SS... they both are hard to get because there are not a lot of decent catchers... Pudge is doing pretty good now...he might be on your waivers... and go for Cristian Guzmn of the Nats... good hitter.... good luck... you got a lot of time to catch up.

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    well it might help if chipper and evan longoria werent on the bench.....

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