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Where are these superstars ?

D.H Smith

Ron Killings


Big Daddy V


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    D.H. Smith: He was drafted to SmackDown during the supplemental draft, as of right now he has been working dark matches, basically paying his dues until his debut, he was suspended people but that was many, many months ago!

    Ron Killings: He's been doing house shows, working some dark matches, His debut is very soon, on last nights taping of SmackDown they ran an ad for him about his debut. From what i've heard and read is that he will be going by the name R-Truth

    Carlito: He has had backstage problems, mainly for calling out Triple H for only getting everything because he's married to the head writer Stephanie.

    Big Daddy V: Drafted to SmackDown, WWE officials were worried about his health so he was sent home for the time being to lose 50 pounds, if he is unable to lose the weight then they will terminate his contract and he will be released, i see him making his return by September.

    Boogeyman: Two rumors on this one, yes he was injured and seeked medical attention. Also there is a rumor Vince doesn't like his gimmick because it gets stale and old, so he has been working backstage for ECW, also there is a rumor that he was having his teeth fixed so that he could re-debut under a new gimmick and name.


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    D.H Smith = Idk

    Ron Killings = Going to WWE

    Carlito = Not Used That Much

    Big Daddy V = Injuried I think

    Boogeyman = Surgery

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    D.H Smith is back in FCW for right now. He's still part of the WWE.

    Carlito is on Smackdown

    Big Daddy V is losing weight (seriously)

    Boogeyman left awhile ago to get his teeth replaced and hasn't been seen since.

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    D.H smith - He is down in OVW training and getting ready for his smackdown debut. HE WAS NOT SUSPENDED.

    Ron killings - Still doing dark matches. But set to debut very soon.

    Carlito - I am not sure actually. But the rumour is they don't have plans for him yet on smackdown.

    Bid Daddy V - Vince mcmahon said he was fat so he was sent home to lose some weights.

    boogeyman - That old dude is injured ..

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    D.H. Smith is in Smackdown he's going to return soon

    Ron Killings just fought in a dark match on smackdown

    carlito is about to return to SD! he was in another wrestling show.

    Big Daddy V is going to return to SD very soon

    boogeyman is on ECW he just never shows

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    Kurt attitude: the best-very charismatic. and gifted The undesirable-has lengthy previous to TNA. AJ kinds: the best-is an extremely good severe flyer and very gifted. The undesirable-is a nasty heel. The Undertaker:the best-between the most gifted superstars to ever step into the squared circle. The undesirable-receives injured to a lot Hulk Hogan: the best-an extremely charismatic action picture star The undesirable-no longer very gifted Bret Hart:the best-his finisher is the finest perfect The undesirable-would not strive against anymore =[ The Rock: the best-a million of the suitable 3 best perfect superstars The undesirable-does no longer strive against anymore Sting:the best-has a large gimmick and is extremely gifted The undesirable-by no ability went to WWE Brian Kendrick-the best:between the perfect severe flyers The undesirable-a terrible heel! John Morrison-the best: very charismatic and humorous. The undesirable-extremely needs a identify run

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    DH Smith- i think he got fired, for a random drug test, and he failed..

    Ron " the truth " Killings agreed to be released with his manager .

    Carlito is still in wrestling, just drafted to Smackdown i think

    Big Daddy V is injured and i heard that he had health problems

    MARTY WRIGHT, Aka the Boogeyman is injured with a torn Calf.

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    DH Smith- Suspended (failed a drug test)

    Ron Killings- Released from WWE

    Carlito- SMACKDOWN

    Big Daddy V- Injured

    Boogeyman- released from WWE

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    go to wikipedia and type in wwe superstars

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