Why do liberals ignore Obama's lack of qualifications?

Other than being a state senator for 8 years, Hussien Obama only has sat on the US Senate floor for 143 days.

Why do liberals and the biased media ignore these facts and chose to follow the hype?


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Talk about hypocrisy. I say "Hussein Obama" and liberal all cry fowl.

How many times in the last 8 years have these same people ridiculed and mocked Bush? I'm sorry; the shoe is on the other foot now Hussein Obama.

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    1 decade ago
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    Liberals don't care at all about a persons character, integrity or qualifications if they will vote for liberal/socialist or communists ideas. Look at Ted Kennedy. He treats women horribly though they support him because he votes how the liberals want. Look at the racist comments of Obama, Clinton, Biden, Byrd & Jesse Jackson. The liberals and news media doesn't care if a liberal is a racist because they want the socialist agenda. Facts don't matter. The average person won't take the time to learn the facts so they can get away with anything they want because the media will put on a dance and show. Talk facts hopefully some will be intelligent enough to understand them though with the liberal teacher's union controlling the gov't run schools it will keep getting worse.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Obama acts like the "captain of the football team" in high school. He has chosen to be cool while as this election continues, his hair is turning white and he is already aging quite a bit. He is a good speaker and was chosen as the dem candidate in 2004 just because he is a good speaker, he's charismatic, and he will make history. What else could they have based their choice on?

    He has put the cart before the horse at every turn because of his rock star quality. Does that make for a good president? I wish people would give some thought to the next four years.

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  • jone
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    this is an particularly exciting factor and a keen fact. words remember! Palin is youthful adequate to have unconsciously integrated the language accompanying Marxist doctrine. whether, this would not propose that she is a Marxist or maybe utilizing the observe interior the way Marxists do. As different posters pronounced, pre-Marxist united statesa. used words like "stylish" as in "extreme-falooting." We could undergo in concepts that fat Albert's pal Russell brushed aside many stuff as being "no type." As a classless state is seen by potential of Marxists as ideal, Russell's use of this word as a slur strongly shows that he the two used the word in yet another context, or substitute right into a good opponent of Marxist doctrine. Palin could have pronounced cultural bias, or close by bias, or some thing else; whether, while she used this expression, i think that she substitute into thinking like the Kennedys do. I guar-an-tee that maximum Kennedy family members and those of their circles could evaluate themselves to be in a "greater effective type" than, say, considered one of Sarah Palin's toddlers whether that baby have been to return to be a genius and/or gain the economic achievement of a Howard Hughes.....there's a scene interior the movie The Aviator that expresses the countless worldviews I handle right here. you additionally can rejoice with gaining know-how of concerning the Southern Agrarians

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  • john c
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Barack Hussein Obama,II, is a complete fraud, inexperienced, unfit, unpatriotic, and not qualified to occupy the oval office. Obama's list of lies, and many other deficiencies can be viewed at; http://barackobamacandidate.org/ and for the rest of the story, go to http://www.usawakeup.org.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Vicki they fear Republicans, not love Obama, they dont care the results of the desision and many dont think it will even affect them. they think (shallow mindedly) that Obama will attack the wealthy in the country and they will reap great rewards. they dont know that the wealthy didn't get there by being sucker punched by this nation and if they were to be hit with higher taxes would fire employee's and cut back production to compensate for the expenses. How do I know this? simple its what you and I do as well. the cost of gas rose quickly, we responded by not going on vacations, cutting back on stuff to make the budget go further. No Obama doesn't need qualifacations in their minds he just needs to not be a Republican. I wonder how many here will even consider what i've said seriously?

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  • 1 decade ago
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because the investor$ in Obama, Inc. fully realize that he is a frontman for an agenda. Obama's own egotism and ambition make him suitable for this; he will deny to himself that he is merely a puppet. The less qualified and capable Obama is, the more he will have to rely on them, and this is how they can acheive power and money for themselves. Smedley Butler, for example, had too much experience, conscience, loyalty to country, etc. and self awareness to allow himself to be used; Obama does not have these character issues.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dear Vicki:

    (Except for FDR)

    Hardly NO One is "Qualified" or has the

    "experience" to be Prez!

    Just look at the last 7 + PAINFUL Years

    of GOP "experience" & FAILURE in DC!

    I think we have "experienced" ENOUGH!

    Are YOU happy with DUDYA'z

    "qualifications" & his "experience" ?


    Yet MANY wish for 4 MORE Years of

    GOP "experience"!

    We have "experienced" too much!

    We require INTELLIGENCE,

    Judgement & more effective leadership!

    NO Drama~

    Vote Obama!


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh how mature are you?

    "Hussein Obama"

    You're pathetic to care about a middle name

    And yes he has a thin resume,but he seems to have his head screwed on tight unlike McCain

    I like Obama's policies better than Bush's oops sorry McCain's

    @ Patrick,you want to talk about racism. Okay fine

    How about the fact that Republicans keep going on some kind of a witch hunt to find out if Obama is a Muslim,but at the same time he's a racist for going to a CHURCH.

    You don't think they're being racist and bigoted against Muslims?

    How about the questioner who used his middle name? It's just a freaking name

    How about FOX News and their whole "terrorist fist bump"?

    How absurd was that?

    How about the whole Michelle Obama baby mama thing?

    You don't think that was racist?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because Obama is himself a liberal.

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