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msn error code: 81000395 please help??

hi, for the past two days, MSN messenger wont let me sign in even though i typed in the correct email address and password. i keep getting this message "Signing in to windows live messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Error code: 81000395".

What should I do to fix this problem??? Thank you :)

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    Hi...had the same problem for a couple days....finally realized my problem is with my AVG antivirus program, for some reason the Instant Messenger protection for msn is causing the now I keep MSN protection deactivated. Works fine for me now....hopefully there will be a bug fix from AVG....until then beware of file transfers on Live Messenger.

    -open AVG Antivirus

    -Click on "Web Shield"

    -Click on "Instant Messaging" tab

    -Uncheck "MSN protection" box

    -Click Save Changes

    Hope it works for you.

    Peace out.

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    For For error MSN Support

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    I'd also like to know... And I've waited overnight and been trying 2 sign in the entire day

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    1.try to sign in about an hour or two later.

    2.Sign in about 4-6 times...(usually works for me)

    Hope this helped xD

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    the key reason for this mistake that i know of is AVG, turn off your AVG cyber web look after, click the assessment tab you may get 9 ideas and one in each of them would be cyber web look after. If its no longer that it may be led to via a server-area undertaking meaning you may could result to employing cyber web-messenger for a at the same time as.

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    It's easy to go to Tools, then Internet Options, then said Historal exploration where you click Delete (delete all history), then you click to accept and ready.


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    ehat slow g said was right ^^ it solved my problem ^_~

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