Like in scrubs just wondering

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    Most do, but not all. Some like it quiet. Classical music is very rarely played - I might hear that once a year. Classic rock, country, jazz and occasionally heavy metal are common.

    When things get difficult in the OR, the music usually gets turned off. The ORs where I work have car stereo/CD players built into the walls.

    Source(s): I'm an anesthesiologist, occasional DJ :)
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    Yes they do, but usually with the anesthesiologist as the DJ. The reason is to fill the silence that goes on during surgeries. In terms of type of music, its really up to the preference of the docs and the CDs available. Younger docs go with more mainstream music, while the older ones are more classic or soft rock.

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    I've had a good amount of surgeries and have found that a lot of surgeons tend to listen to classical music while they perform the surgeon.

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    Ohh yes, they definitely do. I work in Cardiac rooms and they almost always have music on because the surgeries are so lengthy that you need something to break the tension. The one hospital I go to always has on, the others just use the radio or select cds. Usually the circulating nurse will DJ for us.

    Source(s): I work in the O.R.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Yep. They listen to music, talk about sports, etc.

    This seemed weird to me when I first started watching surgeries, but the surgeons were never distracted from their work.

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    My gastroenterologist listens to rock music when he does procedures. The last thing I remember hearing before going under anesthesia was Red Hot Chili Peppers! I actually found it very comforting, because it added a sense of normalcy to an unfamiliar situation.

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    Yes. It helps them focus, and reduces tension.

    I knew an anaesthesiologist who would play the patient's choice of music, not his own.

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    Yes I belive they do

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