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I'm starting school in Boulder, Colorado this fall and I'm getting a bike. What kind should I get?

I will be using it for around campus and around town. I've never been there so I have no idea. Please help!

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    Get a commuter type bike like this:

    Get a bike with large fenders to protect your clothes and the bike's drivetrain, especially in the winter. Also have a rack put on.

    If you've got money to spend, get one with internal gearing like this:

    Don't get a mountain bike as they are heavy and come with smaller, wide, knobby tires which are exactly the opposite of what you want for commuting. The suspension you'll get on these bikes are just more weight, slows you down, and is unneeded on normal streets.

    Oh yeah - learn how to lock your bike properly. This site shows you how:

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    For practical biking around campus consider a "comfort" bike. Here's what I'd get. a helmet of course, fenders (for wet road conditions), a very strong lock, a rear rack and abasket or something so you can carry all those expensive books you'll have to buy. One semester's books will cost more than your bike that will last you the whole 4-5 years if you keep IT LOCKED at all times! It will come with more than an adequate number of gears. Take a cycling course if they offer one. And please follow the same rules that you would use if you were driving any motor vehicle. ... Bikes are stolen a lot on campuses. If they have a system for bike registration use it. Learn how to use the gears to your advantage by selecting a gear that allows you to have little pedal resistence. That means always select a gear that allows you to pedal faster than 1 revolution per second (60+ rpm) Comfort bikes have medium sized tires and higher handlebars. Oh, did I say to keep it secured at all times with a heavy duty lock :-)

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    no doubt a federal BMX bike. those are found in england and require shipping. but its definitely worth it. its a little costy and if your not up, then you should get a diamondback. oh nvm, i just read you are probably wanting a mtb. get anything sturdy. make sure it has shocks for best comfort. rear and front. also, i suggest that you get one wear you arent bending down to ride your bike. any bike is good. just get the one that your budget can fit. get the most costy one. that sounds stupid but i know for sure that things arent more expensive for no reason.

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