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Anybody work a lot during pregnancy?

Anybody working/ plans to work 80+ hours a week during pregnancy?

If someone has done that in the past, please share some tips!!!!- maybe schedule, etc.

How do you maintain good health while working?



would also be good to hear from people with "sitting jobs". thanks.

Update 2:

im am just trying to understand whether this is possible...


About supervisor caring- no attorney would help, they can always just get rid of you after you come back from maternityl leave...

because of your "overall" year's performance...

they could wait 2-3 months, to make sure they are not breaking a law. :)))

Update 3:

My Three- im impressed!

seems impossible...

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    I don't know what you mean by 80 hrs a week. But you're going to feel like crap, escpecially if you are in the first or third trimester. Its going to be diificult for you to get enough sleep. And when are you going to have time to eat. i hope you have no family and no extra curriculars because once you get off work you're just going to want to collapse and you will probably work about 3/4 of it then take a day off. seriously. There was a girl at my job who worked a lot of hours in the third trimester and it made her baby come 6 weeks early. so if you're really going to try his..,.....make sure you eat well and go home and go straight to bed every night. don't forget your vitamins.

    Source(s): Pregnant with # 3, my job forces overtimes 12 hours per day (60 hours/week) in busy season and it sucks.
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    I currently have a crazy schedule and I am 25 weeks pregnant. I work anywhere from 40-50 hours a week. Then that seems normal but then I have 3 kids at home who require all my attention and with it being summer time I am at the park, the aquriums etc. Then my youngest of the 3 is 14 months old so it seems to never stop oh and I have 2 dogs who act worse then my children when it comes to needing attention. So I basically take breaks when I need them nap when the kids are napping. And drink lots of water and eat healthy when possible. I also vent to my husband who works different hours than I do so when he gets home everyone is in bed and he thinks my day was so smooth. Just keep your appointments and make sure the pregnancy is going okay and follow the dr's instructions

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    Not only did I work long hours, but I worked long hours at a nursing home. My job was to care for over 20 patients in every aspect of their lives. Whether they needed little assistance or complete assistance, I was there! All of my pregnancies were very easy and healthy. Since I had been doing it for years prior to pregnancy, my body was use to it, so it was no big deal. The same, generally speaking, should go for you. If you've always worked hard, then you're body is use to it and there shouldn't be any complications. That being said, you will have to learn to take it easy as much as possible. Your body is going to get tired a lot sooner and your brain is going to want to shut down at the most inopportune times. Take breaks when you need them, stay hydrated, eat several small healthy meals throughout the day to keep your energy up..... Good luck.

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    Your body changes during pregnancy. If you think you can do it, give it a shot; however, your health (and your baby's health) comes first, not your bills.

    I tried working my normal schedule and no matter what I tried to stay healthy, It just did not work. I had to rearrange my schedule. You see when you are pregnant, you still need to do your job well. I rather do my job well and work less hours. If your supervisor does not understand that, then get an attorney to fight for your rights.

    A sitting job can be stressful too. You are still at work and you still have things to do. You can't always think about your baby when you work. Don't forget you still have to drive to and from work when you are pregnant.

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    Im 20 weeks pregnant with my first and I work 40+ hours a week however I have a "desk job" which I think is difficult because my exercise is extremely limited. I try to go for walks during the afternoon and I carry lots of snacks with me so when Im hungry I dont have to interrupt my work to go out. The only advice I can give is to take it easy, drink lots of fluids, and try to reduce the hours you work. 80+ is a bit much. I work at my pace and do whatever I can. The work will still be there tomorrow.

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    When I was pregnant, I worked at least 40 hours a week in a resatuarant. I would work, come home and nap, and then do my daily chores. Make sure you get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Also, if you feel pain, tired, or feel like you are over-doing it, don't! Ask to go home. My employer was very very lenient on letting me come in for a few hours and if I wasn't feeling well, letting me go home for rest!

    Edited to add- I worekd up until the day I had my son (It was my day off for a scheduled checkup). When it got to be closer to my due date, I stopped waitressing and started hostessing (so I could sit down often, etc).

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    Honey, 80 hours a week (assuming u dont work during the weekend) is 16 freaking hours a day! When do u get the time to brush ur teeth, take a shower, commute, sleep, eat etc??????????

    Please take it easy, and focus on ur health and ur baby's.

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    My mom worked straight up till the day she went into labor! She walked around alot and tried to sleep lots at night. I think it helped her more than anything. The swelling wasnt as bad. The whole time she was active helped her be on time with delivery too. Just make sure you get rest at home and make sure you eat on time and right.

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    im a waitress, i am always on my feet, carrying heavy trays! when i get home, i try to relax the best i can... take a bath, rub lotion all over my body, get a healthy meal and most important, drinking water throughout the entire day!

    the days i feel sick, tired and sore are the days that i dont drink enough water!

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    80+hours i think u need to take it easy

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