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Sound in Kill Bill?

Does anyone know that sound, when Beatrix Kiddo sees one of the people she wants to murder?

Is that from any other movie or series? It sounds so familiar, from some old horror or something.

At 0:30:

Youtube thumbnail

It's driving me mad that I don't know where I've heard that before!


THANK YOU!! It was ironside, although I can't remember having ever seen that show in my life. But hey, I'm old, it might have stuck in my brain somewhere!

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    ...actually, it's not from "Perry Mason", oh-so mighty Film Jedi; it's actually from "Ironside"; you got the right T.V. star, but the wrong show....

    ...don't worry about it; even Jedi slip up, from time to time, as evident in the "Star Wars' film series....

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    It's from the old TV show "Perry Mason."


    You're right Fright Film Fan...I got mixed up on my old lawyer shows. Thanks for setting the record straight!

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