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What is the difference between Ethncity and Nationality?

I always thought nationality was just a term to describe citizenship. And ethnicity was used to describe cultures, but people are using nationality as a synonym for ethnicity.

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    Ethnicity is a group of human beings whose members identify with each other, usually on the basis of a presumed common genealogy or ancestry. Ethnic identity is also marked by the recognition from others of a group's distinctiveness and by common cultural, linguistic, religious, behavioral or biological traits.

    Nationality is a relationship between a person and their state of origin, culture, association, affiliation and/or loyalty. Nationality affords the state jurisdiction over the person, and affords the person the protection of the state.

    Hence Jews in general are ethnically connected to all other Jews while a subset of Jews are Israelis and share a connection above simple shared Jewish belief but also a national connection.

    This is also shows why there is no such thing as African-Americans or Asian-Americans, Americanism is a nationality trait not an Ethnic one. One claiming say to be an Irish-American, Italian-America, or even Japanese-American is correct, while the other African-Americans or Asian-Americans term are incorrect.

    Asia encompasses the whole of the Asian continent, not just those of an oriental decent, you don't see Indian, Israelis, Russians from Asia not Europe, and other Asian peoples not of oriental decent claiming to be Asian-Americans. this is also the same for Africa, it is just the people that are different.

    It is ignorance of the language from both the user of the term and from those that teach them to use the incorrect terminology.

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    Ethnicity is extra of your lifestyle. Race in all danger has to handle dermis coloration bone/cranium shape or any actual trait one would desire to have. Hispanic isn't a race. it is not probable an ethnicity the two. A Hispanic individual is somebody from a Spanish speaking Latin American us of a like Mexico or Honduras yet even in those coutries there are various ethnicity and race (comparable to the U. S.) like for example a Natives , Garifunas, Mestizos, Spaniard...

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    Ethnicity refers to your background, heritage, culture, ancestry or sometimes the country where you were born.

    Nationality refers to your country of citizenship.

    So, for example, you might be Japanese but since you hold a British citizenship, your nationality is British.

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    Ethnicity refers to your origins or ethnic traits, while Nationality refers to birth or naturalization. One's ethnicity or naturalization can be one of the same or different.

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    I suppose its the difference between being an African American and a Nigerian National both being relatively similiar in physical appearance.

    I myself am of North American indigenous ancestry (Native American).

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