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GTA IV: on the level a revengers tragedy how do u get ur boat to go faster to get under lil jacobs chopper?

ive tried this mission 15 times and there is no sucess

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your answer is right here :

    " Shoot the pidgeon in the underpass.

    From the underpass by the casino take out the three men on the roof to the right and the two in range straight ahead from the cover of your car. Now crouch and creep forward until you're in range of the gunman shooting from behind cover of the car ahead. Shoot at this guy and you'll hit the car's gas tank, taking out the guy nice and quickly. Creep across to the cover of the low wall to the left then take out the several guys hiding behind cars around the area. Watch out for the guy hiding in the big circular hole in the concrete at the back of the parking lot, if you hop over the wall before you get to the end he'll start shooting at you and he's very well covered from the ditch. If you creep to the end of the wall he'll run from the ditch and shoot at you without cover.

    Don't go into the ruined casino building just yet. Stand just outside the door and pick off the two gunmen at the back of the building straight ahead and the one to the right. This guy's very well covered, so picking him off with the sniper rifle may be an easier option, but make sure you leave yourself plenty of sniper bullets for the final five pidgeons. Now shuffle to the right of the door and take out the guy just inside to the left at the top of the stairs.

    Go into the building, picking up the first aid kit on the wall to the left if you need it. Watch out for another guy just around the corner. Take this guy out then head through the doorway behind him to trigger a brief cut scene.

    After the cut scene go up the stairwell to the roof, crouch, go through the door and quickly take out the men behind the door. If you're low on health at this point go back downstairs and jump the gap in the broken stairs to the first aid pack on the wall. Now go back upstairs and resume your journey towards the marker. Climb the sloped roof to the right and watch the brief cut scene.

    Climb into the nearby boat and chase after the helicopter. It will fire rockets at you, but they will most likely miss. Swerve if any appear to be on target.

    When LJ turns up steer your boat into the marker and follow the instructions to pull Niko inside the helicopter.

    You're now the pilot of the helicopter. Ignore the instructions and fly as high as possible, but keep following Dimitri's helicopter. His rockets will keep missing you until LJ hits Dimitri's helicopter, at which point you'll both crash land on Happiness Island.

    Head towards the marker, taking out Dimitri's guards shooting at you as you go. When you reach Dimitri shoot him. It'll take a few shots, but he'll drop soon enough.

    Watch the final cut scene before Niko finally finishes Dimitri off. The camera then pans up for a final view of the Statue of Happiness (the Statue of Liberty holding up a coffee rather than a torch).

    That's it, you've now completed the main missions. Watch the closing credits if you wish. Just a few more pidgeons and activities to go to get your 100% complete status. "

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago


    Source(s): Learn Building Boats
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  • 1 decade ago

    This is wht u should do swim and look around till u see two boat next to each other then swim to the nearest one to u.Then follow the enemies chopper.Try not to get hit by the missiles from the enemies chopper.Now keep avoiding the missiles till u see lil jacob's chopper.avoid anything even ramps and rocks while on the boat and dont stop pressing the throttel button.Ten get under lil jacobs chopper and press the button shown on screen.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This mission is a bit harder than it should be because you have to start the whole thing over again.

    First off you need to keep the throttle full at all times. Any slow down and you will miss the chopper. Ignore the missles as they are there more for the distraction than actually killing you. Take the shortest routes around the rocks and the docks keeping careful to keep the boat straight. Don't veer off until you see the chopper and head straight for it. If you kept your throttle down and the boat at full speed the entire time you should make it.

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  • Karen
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    4 years ago

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    Its the first GTA game on the new consoles so it isn't really fair to compare it to San Andreas. Think about it. The first GTA game for the PS2 was GTA III. That lacked features as well, but was still a groundbreaking game that took things to new levels. You will see those San Andreas features in future titles. Its just business. Add a few more things to the next one and gradually build up your franchise title so you make the most money out of it. Rockstar probably already knows when they are gonna add car tuning, more vehicles and such. Nevertheless, what I would like to see in GTA for the PS3: "Contracts": I like what they did with the Vigilante in GTA IV, but why not give us some "contract killing" side missions, similar to the Assassin missions? Car tuning: More tuner-type vehicles and at least all the customization options that were available in San Andreas. And how about being able to customize ALL passenger cars and trucks in some way? What about performance upgrades and include some "fast & furious" style racing? Closed off street racing: Maybe some sort of drag? Alternative to the same checkpoint to checkpoint racing. Tanks: I know it would break the "realism", but it could happen theoretically. What if terrorists started attacking New York City and you'd have to declare Martial Law? Remember the movie The Siege? Harrier Jets or passenger Jumbo Jets: I'm sure it will be incorporated soon. Downloadable content that takes you to areas used in other GTA titles: I know Rockstar plans to make downloadable GTA content. I've heard it will use new areas that connect to Liberty City, instead of new missions and weapons withing Liberty City (Lost and Damned). But why not have some that takes you back to Vicy City and Las Venturas? Casino: GAMBLING! My favorite part of San Andreas. They need to include some Texas Hold 'Em if they ever bring back the casinos. Property purchase: Buying real estate is a good way to blow cash. They don't have enough of this in IV. And give us garages instead of parking spaces? I know this is based from New York, but come on! Military base or presence: Its always fun to try to break in and jack a Humvee or helicopter, but get shot up by six Marines surrounding you. Homing rockets/missles: Didn't they have those in GTA III? RPGs are pointless with moving objects. Sunglasses: Why not in GTA IV? Hire a limo service: Good way to impress dates or gain respect of friends, good way to blow cash. Tow truck service: Good way to repair vehicle in singleplayer. Stadium events: Things to participate in or watch.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is that the one where you are chasing the guy in his boat at the end of the game?? If so, you don't get a boat, you take the dirt bike on the beach and stay close. Then at a point you will hit a jump and grab onto lil jacob's chopper.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is this not the mission you fall off the helicopter next to the boat, get in the boat as fast as you can,go the boat as fast as you can and eventually getting underneath the helicopter so as to activating jumping on.This was a pain but you get there eventually.good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it took me forever but u have to get close to the helicopter shooting the missles at u then when lil jacob comes u just keep dodging the missles and go under the boat. (it's harder than it sounds)

    Source(s): i beat the game
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  • 4 years ago
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