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How does caffeine affect your blood sugar?

In searching the internet, I find lots of contradictory reports about how caffeine affects blood sugar levels. In the past, when I drank caffeinated coffee or very strong tea, I became very weak a couple hours later, which I thought was due to fluctuations in my blood sugar and/or blood pressure. However, I didn't take any measurements then, so I'm not sure what was going on.

Some people have said on the internet that caffeine causes their blood sugar to go way up, but a few people say it makes their blood sugar drop. Obviously people are different, but I would think most people would react the same way.

I'm interested in anybody's personal/anecdotal experiences regarding how caffeine affects your blood sugar levels.

So, how does coffee or tea affect YOUR blood sugar?

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    With many diabetics, caffeine makes their blood sugar rise. Me included. Everyones body is different. Most diabetics I have met cannot drink caffeine drinks or eat things that contain caffeine.

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    I find it has little or no effect on mine unless i drink a LOT of coffee in a day. When I do, my glucose levels go down a bit. It's easy to test yourself. Drink your coffee, and test you glucose every 15 or 30 minutes for the next 2 and 1/2 hours. See how it affects you. If you add milk or 1/& 1/2, that is more likely to increase your glucose level obviously as it a carb. I'm assuming you don't add real sugar as that would just be plainly contrary to good glucose control practice. Same deal for tea.

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    I drink 3 to 4 POTS of coffee per day. For the cortisol it produces for my breathing problems.

    It does not raise my glucose at all, but I cannot remember when the last time I put sugar and creamer in it. For sure it was before my sister and I had an agreement to dissagree on everything and she fixed my coffee to match hers.

    I get up and test glucose, drink my first couple of cups of coffee, take medications and eat and my glucose has returned to normal level. I have the dawn phenomenon and if I were to eat at 2 or 3 am would not have this problem. I always get up to glucose levels of 150+. By breakfast time it is down to normals after half a pot of coffee.

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    If I am thinking about this correctly, coffee increased your heart rate which spend more sugar. I believe it can reduce your blood sugar do to the workload. A cup of coffee should not make that much difference but a few cups can.

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    I thought drinking coffee would be okay, but coffee made my numbers jump over a 100 points. I think it depends on the person.

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    Caffeine is a drug that greatly affects your adrenal glands by putting them in a state of "fight or flight." This causes the adrenals to produce cortisol, the stress hormone. The cortisol generates energy to the muscles. Primitive people's genetics are only 0.1% different than ours, so we react the same way they did. The difference is that they did not have refined sugar in their diets or white flour and hydrogenated oils. If you eat ANY carbs, such as sugar or white flour, this generates an insulin response from the leptrin hormone in the liver that goes to the hypothalamus gland and if too much sugar is put into the body, the response is strong. This drives the insulin levels high and causes the pancreas to excrete glucagon that causes the liver to store the glucose as glycogen, driving the blood sugar down. When this happens, the body believe it is, under stress; just like the primitive man that was being chased by a saber tooth tiger. This causes the adrenals to fire and produce cortisol.

    Caffeine contributes heavily to this action by affecting the adrenal glands directly as stated above. The problem is that when the body is in this state of stress, the steroid hormones do not get made in the liver because it reprioritizes the body to be in a protective mode. Since steroid hormones are the sex hormones, they don't get made. The more stress you have, the less of them get made.

    good luck

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