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What Could it Be?

About a week ago around 10:00 at night my dad and I found a strange animal in the corner of an overhang just outside of our house.

The animal was covered in a very light brown fur and had speckles of white and brown at the bottom. It had a tail about four to six inches long that resembled an opposum's tail.

When we got closer to it to get a better look it didn't move at all and didn't show any fear. Through out the ordeal it didnt make a sound. It was just curled up like a hedgehog in the corner of the overhang. After a while we sprayed it with water and after a few squirts it flew away to our surprise.

We have no idea what it was and we know that it couldnt have been a bat. We've had a bat or two in our house before and this looked nothing like it. We live in central New Jersey in a fairly urbanized area with the woods just down thew street. If you know what this animal could've been please let me know.


The over hang jets out from our house above our back door and the animal was in the corner (which is about 3-4 inches wide) It was curled up and looked like a ball of fluff with no wings or legs visible just a long tail that appeared to be longer than its actual body. Thanks for your help and I've seen those types of bats in zoo's and they tend to be quite big this was smaller. Thanks for your help though.

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    Maybe a type of flying squirrel? Depending on where you are in New Jersey, you do live in the range of the Southern Flying Squirrel and may be just on the edge of the Northern Flying Squirrel.

    Here are images of flying squirrels -

    Northern Flying Squirrel:

    Southern Flying Squirrel:

    More info:

    Like the other poster said, it could also be an escaped pet glider (marsupial). However, the most commonly kept glider is a sugar glider which tends to be more of a gray color than a brown (still, at night, the colors could be hard to distinguish).

    Sugar Glider Pictures:

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    It would have to have been a bat of some type, probably a Flying Fox/Fruit Bat. There really aren't any other critters that fly, besides birds and bats, except things that glide from one tree to another. For it to actually take off from the ground, plus the fact that it was hairy, there really is nothing else it could have been. I don't know what the 'tail' was....maybe it's legs or wings lying behind it.

    I just reread your question, and I'm not sure if it was hanging off the overhang or on the ground underneath it. Either way, it would still have to be a bat. The only other possibility is if you happened to mistake feathers for what you thought was fur, it may have been a bird of some type. It's not really typical of birds to curl up though.

    Here are some pic's of Flying Foxes:

    Hope that helps.

    Addition:- You're welcome. I'm happy to help. I thought of another possibility, re: what your animal might have been. I mentioned about animals that glide from tree to tree, and if the one you saw sort of jumped and glided to a tree and then another one and so on, rather than flying like a bird or bat, it may have been something like a Feathertail Glider. I'm fairly sure there aren't any similar things native to the U.S., but it might have been an escaped pet. I really don't know whether that's any help to you, but here is a page of photos of them:

    Hope that helps, but if not, hope you find the answer from someone else. I'd be interested to know what it was as well.

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    carlos thanx again for ur help. i cant seem to email u it says i have no emails left so thanks again il talk to u l8r.

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