Is it easier to live a Christian life or to live a life without God?

I can see pros and cons to each. I am particularly eager to hear from people who have lead both lives (ie either converted to or left the Christian faith)

Also any stories from other faiths are also appreciated.

And if one path is more difficult than another does it mean the one who sticks to it is more worthy as a human being? If one is easier would this not suggest that is the path God wants you to take?

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    "Uh-how can you be a "Christian", if you don't believe in God"

    I imagine you can't. Have you tried to actaully answer the question though?

    I live a life without God. I would find it harder to lead a true Christian life due to some fo the restrictions and also the philospohical objections I have to the acceptance of a Biblical God.

    I have respect for Chritians that lead a true Christian life because they overcome obstacles I could not.

    however one can also lead any life they want and still cliam to be Christain. God forgives anything. The Christian belief systems allows you to do any number of awful things (murder, rape, steal, etc) and God will ultimately forgive you. So in a way my life actually is more difficult than soem Christians altough I avaoid many "sinful" things without the fear I would be punished for my actions. I avoid them because *I* think its wrong to do those things.

    I think if God exists he would reward those who live a good life, not necessarily a difficult or easy one. I also feel that He would not make a life devoted to Him a difficult option if He really lived us.

  • Tough question but i believe there's no easier way to life a life from the 2 choices that you made. I have been a Christian ever since I was 10 years old. There had been a lot of challenges that i've encountered and i'm still experiencing even now, also limitations, of what I can and cannot do as a christian and also to maintain a good testimony for my church also to the people around me. Being a Christian doesn't mean you'll never have challenges, actually it's the opposite, your faith will be tested to its fullest but what is rewarding about being a christian is that having such challenges are actually a proof that GOD is really working in my life. That HE is making me stronger and tougher as HE gives me problems in my life. And I also belive that even problems are blessing from the LORD so try to imagine if you'de be able to conquer a problem then there'd me more blessings to come.

    Hmmm.. living a life without GOD, again being a christian for a long time doesn't mean i didn't experience being a backslider, i have been there also, well, it's not actually living a life without GOD, it's more like living a life away from GOD, as if you're running away from the LORD for some reason. It's not a good experience, because knowing HIM as the all knowing GOD, you cannot run away nor hide from HIM.

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    I am christian but I also respect other faiths and believe they are just as meaningful as the christian faith.. I do not agree with Christians who think there way is the only way. I think that is a very narrow view.

    I do believe however that if you have faith, no matter what it may be and that you are a spiritual (not necessarily religious)person that life is easier. You have a better sense of yourself and are happier as a whole, at peace, if you will.

    Even though I am christian there are times in my life when I am not spiritual and I feel a little lost. Just make sure your religion doesn't mask your spirituality. You either believe in god or you don't there are times in every christians life when they stray, and that is ok. You have to decide for yourself what you want in life and stick to it the best you can.

  • 4 years ago

    Maybe in the middle...a 5 or a 6. It's easy to be kind. It's easy to be honest. It's easy to not steal or do things that are wrong. I don't have to have a good memory and try to remember what lies I've told to who. I don't have to worry about breaking the laws of the land. I don't have to carry the guilt of being unkind or hurting someones feelings. At the same time it hurts when someone tells me I'm stupid for believing in some "fairytale book" or "imaginary creature in the sky". They may think that's the case but I don't. I know God is real and I know I'm not stupid. I just would never push my beliefs on another. I feel another person is free to believe what they want. It just stings when people make these comments. How some believe you must not be intelligent to believe in Creationism or heaven or any of the other things we Christians believe in. There's a lot of anger coming from these people. I'm not about to confront them however.

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    It would be so much easier for me to live as if there were no God. No more struggles against my wants and desires, no more living in such a way that displays the work of Christ in my life. No more careing and being loving to other people.

    Because of sin the easy way isn't the best. Ask anyone who has competed at a high level what they have sacrificed for their success and everyone will have an answer meaning that anything worthwhile will take sacrifice which, by definition, is harder. the more worthwhile it is the more sacrifice it will take.

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    Well I guess it matters how you look at it, I'm atheists I guess, an to me thats easier, but on the other hand I can see the comfort believing of believing in an after life and some higher being that you believe that helps you in some way. It maybe better to believe in something as it can be a comfort in times of trouble.

    I don't believe in any kind of god, or any after life, when we die I believe that it's like going to sleep an having a dreams less sleep, but never waking up nothing more. In the end I don't think it's major as long as it makes you happy. :)

    (sry for my bad spelling)

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    Honestly, each has it's own merits...

    Christianity does not require you to think for yourself. Actually, they'd rather you didn't. To be a good Christian, all you have to do really is believe exactly what they tell you to believe. That seems really easy... However, you will be condescended and looked down upon for being Christian by a lot of people who think it's a stupid little fairy tale. Don't let this get to you. They don't know either... so they can't in all honesty tell you that you're wrong.

    On the other hand, being non-religious allows you to make up your own mind on several matters. You don't have to follow out dated dogma in order see yourself as a good person. The only rules you really have to follow are your own. However, you will be condescended and looked down on for being non religious, as most of your neighbors, co workers, family, etc. are likely Christian or some form of Christian. Don't let this get to you... see reason above for Christians... it applies to you too.

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    Well, I've had Christ in my heart since I was five, so I don't remember life before that.

    But I wouldn't say it's easy to be a Christian, we've always had persecution, and we always will.

    But on the contrary, I should think it'd be hard to live life without something to believe in.

    I haven't had much life experience, as I'm only fourteen, but I'm excited to see what God has in store for me. =)

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    It is far easier to lead a christian life, as thinking and taking personal responsibility are not required. Sure it is strict, but all decisions are made for you. What could be easier?

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    If you are wise enough to consider the Bible as your basis, you should be choosing the Christian life. I've been baptized recently in a particular religion, after years of observing its doctrine. There's no tradeoff in choosing the Christian life. I'm sorry but I have no time in explaining further my answer. If you want, please visit the website of the Old Path. Don't waste your time in living a life without God. Your soul is meaningful. I can share some wisdom with you next time if God allows me to. Take care always and God bless you. (Jer. 6:16)

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