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Why do boxing fans say that boxers can easily beat MMA fighters in the Octagon?

When alot of boxers themselves said that they wouldn't last in MMA. Even Mike Tyson said that he couldn't see himself becoming successful in MMA. He said the MMA fighters are well too rounded. Tyson also said that he just wants to watch mma not fight in mma. He is also a big fan of MMA.

In UFC 1 a top ten cruiserweight boxer faced Royce Gracie and Gracie easily beat him. That should prove that MMA fighters are better fighters.

Randy Couture would kill Wladimir Klicthko in a fight. He would clinch him throw him down than ground and pound him.

people saying Boxers would have the best striking if went to mma not true. Boxers arent trained to defend leg kicks or kicks to the body. I seen kick boxers mix up kicks so they can land a head kick on a boxer.

If Joe Calzaghe went to MMA. I still consider guys like Thiago Alves, Georges St.Pierre and Paul Taylor to have better stand up game cause they can punch, kick and knee and elbow not just punch.

MMA are just better fighters.


Jeremy Williams has been training in MMA for a very long time. Its takes anyone years and years to get trained for MMA.

Also Jeremy Williams actually wins most of his fights by submission not knock outs.

Update 2:

Kimbo Slice sucks he has only fought cans. Most of his MMA fights are against former boxers thats why he is undefeated. He beat Ray Mercer by submission.

Update 3:

Kimbo Slice sucks he has only fought cans. Most of his MMA fights are against former boxers thats why he is undefeated. He beat Ray Mercer by submission.

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    el trio man if u think it logical think about it see my example!

    a heavyweight champion and gold medalist ray mercer (who is well respected in here i see many guys put him in hall of fame) HE DID NOT EVEN HAVE THE TIME THROUGH A PUNCH or even fight back THE MOST TRASHY MMA ARTIST EVER NAMED KIMBO SLICE!immaine now if he fought FEDOR LMAO(MURDER) OR NOREUIGA OR ARLOVSKI!i mean why u loose time and energy here when facts speak louder than words ;)

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    Can you MMA fans please stop posting over here, we dont care! everyday there is a question about MMA compared to boxing

    Why don't you compare football to hockey?? or Polo to Golf?

    Boxing has been around for over 100 years, UFC as it is today has been around maybe 12? Before that it was just a Gracie Ju Jitsu info mercial on PPV.

    I will say this a boxer would have more success is MMA than an MMA fighter would have in boxing.

    Chuck Liddel was a puncher, and a sloppy slow one at that, all he had to do was learn to avoid take downs and he dominated the sport for years. So give a boxer 2 years to train on solely avoiding takedowns and he will make mash potatoes out of the MMA guys.

    Can you guys just stop posting here, MMA is entertaining sometimes, its fun to watch sometimes. Ok? who cares if a boxer can beat an MMA It doesn't matter, Boxing is Boxing and MMA is a collection of all fighting sports.

    As for boxing being in a decline, ENNN!! WRONG! top boxers pay more in taxes then MMA fighters make their entire careers. Why? because UFC and those shows are a circus and Boxing is a sport.

    I have probably been watching UFC longer then you, I ordered the UFC 1 on PPV when it was nothing more then a PPV commercial that promoted Gracie Jujitsu. So I know MMA, I trained in both sports and I can tell you from personal experience boxing is much much much much much much harder to be good at then MMA.

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    Silva just wants an exhibition match, probably 3 rounds just to show that his boxing skills are creditable. And I don't think Silva could beat Roy in a boxing match. I think if you study both sports, it is clear to see that an MMA guy is better suited for a real fight, but that does not mean all MMA guys cab beat all boxers, it just means they have the knowledge of different ways to beat their opponents, where as a boxer is only using his hands.

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    im a fan at both boxing and mma but i do think a top boxer has better stand up game then most mma fighters yah so boxers dont kick but even in mma they punch alot more and if u gave a top boxer like u said Klicthko the chance to train and really dedcated himself to mma he would do vary well in mma and by no means be a push over just the fact that hes a top boxer would mean hes a way better striker then most of the top mma fighters like liddell, jackson, rua or pretty much any of them and for the record theres still alot of young boxing fans out there im only 22 and been into boxing for years

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    you do not know much about athletes.

    Monte Barret would beat kimbo slice ( a striker) in a boxing match. And Barrett sucks (but he looked pretty whipping that cracker Tye Fields).

    In a MMA match a 2nd tier or third tier fighter would beat a boxer with a belt.

    That Gracie beat a boxer in a MMA match means nothing, other than a Boxer and a MMA athlete have completely different standards that they have to live up to.

    Or look at it this way... if Kimbo Slice could hang with a boxer, don king would have signed him and he would make in one fight what most MMA fighters make in their career.

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    "here some examples of mma fighter who are one demensional that are ok strikers and did very well for them selfs. chuck liddel, tim sylvia, vitor belfort, anderson silva, mirko cro-cop"

    You don't know much about fighting from saying something like that. Anderson Silva= 1 dimensional? Boxing is a hell of a sport, however, MMA are "FIGHTERS" Boxers are "Boxers". No way a boxer wins a "FIGHT" against a comparable caliber athlete who is trained as a fighter. - That's the simple reality. And btw, considering Anderson Silva vs Roy Jones- (even in prime) I think Silva would do better against Jones in boxing than Jones would against Silva in MMA. - But generally, most MMA fighters would do very poorly in strict boxing.

    MMA is complete fighting, boxing is 'fisticuffs'. Noone can make a plausible argument that in a No Holds Barred fight, W Klitschko would defeat E. Fedor. It just won't happen.

    With that said, no need to keep bringing this topic up, this is the boxing forum, and here we talk about boxing.

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    being a fan of both sports, and being a young person. i would say a boxer is a far better sriker and more avasive than a mma fighter. like some else said a boxer has a better chance in the octagon, and a mma fighter would look more rediculous in a boxing match. like someone else said mma fighter could just ground and pound but it dosent take a skilled athlete like a boxer to long to catch on and train for avoiding take downs( tim sylvia didnts start fighting until he was in his mid twentys). here some examples of mma fighter who are one demensional that are ok strikers and did very well for them selfs. chuck liddel, tim sylvia, vitor belfort, anderson silva, mirko cro-cop did very well and chuck liddel would get killed in a boxing match. by the way wich top 10 boxer are you talking about that faced Royce Gracie? i can tell you anything about both sports cause thats all i watch is fighting sports including k-1. i think a boxer has a good chance to out srtike alot of mma fighters but in a mma fight they would most likley not go toe to toe with a person a skilled in striking like a boxer. check out jermey williams he fights in both and is doing very well in mma but was a b fighter in boxing. you sound like a little kid who watched power rangers to as a kid. any more question son?

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    its not the same not one thing is

    take football and us football ??

    take table tennis and tennis ??

    take golf and fishing ??

    boxing and mma

    well boxing has a ring

    boxing has 12. 3min rounds

    boxing you punch

    if you go down then you have a 10 count

    boxing gloves nothing like what mma use

    you can not kick or jump on a boxer when he is down

    you can not knee them in or elbow in a boxing ring.

    i think the one thing we do the same 1min rest in between rounds....thats it

    so its nothing like boxing one bit boxing fans no this so soon

    UFC MMA fans uderstand this the better as boxer is more like tennis than you sport.. its diffrant i dont thing its close as a sport...

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    MMA takes the power and control of asian martial arts, the strength and technique of greco-roman wrestling, and the endurance, craft and ruggedness of boxing, mixes it all together, and gives you 2 half-naked men with tattoos dry humping each other on the floor of a steel cage. It's about as silly as combining basketball, football and baseball, and playing it in a high school cafeteria.

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    welter weights have a chance but mma fighters would own them from the waiste down,

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