is there a baker out there looking for an apprentice. I have experience?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    YES THERE IS!!!!!!

    The Kinglake bakehouse is a small commercial business located approximately 52Km North West of Melbourne CBD. The Kinglake Bakehouse provides a range of bread, pastry and cake products to the local community and tourists visiting the Kinglake National Park ranges and the adjoining Yarra Valley region.

    PastryCook Apprentice will work with the qualified Baker/Pastry Chef to produce the scheduled bakery fare. Under close supervision the position is required to take responsibility for his/her own task quality and will be involved in the production activities such as:

    · Operation of baking equipment used in the production of bread, pastry and cake products

    · Assist in the baking of product

    · Inventory maintenance

    · Product finishing such as cake decoration

    · General bakery tasks such as cleaning baking equipment,

    The position will be provided with study leave to attend trade school and on the job training to ensure he/she has the required skills and knowledge to perform the assigned duties in a safe and responsible manner, and to the required hygiene standards.

    Come and join the friendly laid back team at kinglake bakehouse. Extremly friendly staff.

    Contact Carol Harvey on 57861 840


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