Is American River Capital Inc. an authentic investment company?

American River Capital is an investment company that provides interest on a daily amount for certain periods of time.

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    River Capital, an Atlanta-based private investment firm, has sold American Threshold Industries, Inc. (ATI), a River Capital portfolio company, located in Asheville, NC, a developer and manufacturer of disposable, non-woven protection products for the healthcare industry and for controlled manufacturing markets to Allegiance Healthcare, a subsidiary of Dublin, Ohio based Cardinal Health, Inc. (NYSE: CAH).

    Jerry Wethington, Managing Partner at River Capital stated "Cardinal Health is an active acquirer and consolidator in the healthcare industry and this acquisition gives Allegiance an opportunity to manufacture a broader line of the products it currently distributes."

    ATI has annual revenues of $30 million and has 150 employees. Since River Capital acquired ATI in December 1998, ATI has heavily invested in new products and technology, as well as expanding the company1s sales and marketing channels.

    Cardinal Health distributes a broad line of pharmaceuticals, surgical and hospital supplies, and other items typically sold by hospitals, retail drug stores and other healthcare providers.

    River Capital is one of the oldest firms of its type in the Southeast and has acquired companies in a broad range of industries with combined revenues of more than $500 million. The firm primarily invests in light manufacturing, distribution and service companies

    Is this the company? Look pretty solid

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