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我們會把定期的訓練分為兩種,一種是產品知識(Product Training),另一種是技術訓練(Solict 「我唔記得點串,只記得S字頭」Training)。


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    This may also avoid overlapping calls to related target customers.

    We will divide regular training into two categories. One is called Product Training. The other is called Technical Training. Our offices are basically concentrated in large cities in China. This will help us to enter the target markets and promote the related products.

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    This may also avoid overlap sending a telegram to the related target audience. We will divide into the regular training two kinds, one kind will be the product knowledge (Product Training), another kind will be the technical training (Solict “I does not remember a string, will only remember the S prefix” Training). Our office mainly concentrates in China's accomplishment city. This lets be helpful us to enter the target market with the promoted related product.

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