Tell me what you can about the Witches Tabernacle in Linden, TX.?

Does anyone know anything about the history of the Witches Tabernacle? Around Linden/Jefferson Texas, I believe? Any stories would be cool to hear, too.

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    found this in a forum, could be of some use. funny, i'm from east texas and have never heard of it, i might have to check it out one day....

    Hey Y'all! I used to live in Linden,Tx a few years back and I remember a bridge out in the "boondocks" that is supposedly haunted by a woman named Lacie. The story goes, a long time ago like maybe 30-40 years ago this woman was murdered and thrown off this bridge along with her baby daughter, or she recked on this bridge and crashed and fell into the river below and drowned with her daughter or was hung on this bridge with her daughter either way the story goes (as you can tell there are many stories that lead to her death) she was killed and so was her baby. People say that if you go out to this bridge at night on a full moon and throw a rose onto the river you will hear the baby cry, or you will see Lacie herself. I have never been too brave to actually do that but many people in Linden say they have heard the baby cry and have seen Lacie in a transparent way. Also not too far down the road is the Witches Tabernacle. Ive had a couple pretty scary bouts with that place, needless to say I will not be going back there! Back when I was still in high school my friends and I went out there and decided to cross the old gate and enter the witches tabernacle which is an old grave site with graves that date back to the early 1800's. They say in Linden that the townsmen would hang these witches out there in this tall tall tall oak tree and wait till they stoped moving and bury them, some of which graves are still there today, why they didn't burn them I don't know. Anyway my friends went out there and it was night and the tabernacles pews were all lined up straight as can be and the caufin lid was closed. We walked out into the grave yard and were walking around with flash lights but we left the truck running and the head lights on so we could see a little better, as we entered the very far back of the grave yard we saw a humugous circle. It was perfectly symetrical and round. Everything inside the circle on the other hand was DEAD. And everything outside of it was alive. So like idiots we stepped into the circle, bad idea because as soon as we did the damn truck shut off and the lights on the truck just slowly faded till there weren't anymore lights... So I about **** my pants... taking off toward the direction of the truck I try to make my way to it along with my 2 other friends and as we pass the tabernacle all the pews were stacked on top of each other and the damn caufin lid was off. We hurried to the truck with the light of the moon and got in shut the doors and locked them and turned the truck back on (so obviously it wasn't that the truck had problems if it started up fine) and we hauled *** out of there. About 3 years later, my girl friend and I went out there because she had been wanting to see this place. As we pulled up to this same old gate I put my truck in neutral and push the clutch in all the way (its a standard) We step out and my truck just turns off. I looked at my friend and said get back in and lock the doors, I was scared mostly because I was 7 months pregnant at the time so I wasn't in the mood to play around with no witch, I turn my key again and the truck started back up fine so we left. I haven't been back there since! I found out later that the circle is from a bunch of people went out there and did some kind of chants in a circle in the far back grave yard that caused that circle.... who knows?? I know I am not going back out there again... NO WAY!

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