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Older movie....possibly me remember!!!! Anyone know?

I need help finding this older movie I saw when I was a kid. I could have sworn it was made by Disney.....but then again it was kind of scary (for a kid) and I remember wondering why my mother would let me watch it and furthermore why Disney would make one like it....


All I can remember is it had a girl with blond hair...she goes to a cabin or house in the woods. Then there's another girl who looks like her and I think she sees this girl in mirrors.

Then at the end I remember she's in a bell tower and the bell falls on her and she vanishes.

Please help! It's driving me crazy!


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    The Watcher in the Woods (1980)

    starring Lynn-Holly Johnson (of "Ice Castles"), Carroll Baker, David McCallum, Bette Davis, Kyle Richards (of "Witch Mountain" movies), Benedict Taylor

    IMDb synopsis:

    When a normal American family moves into a beautiful old English house in a wooded area, strange, paranormal appearances befall them in this interesting twist to the well-known haunted-house tale. Their daughter, Jan, sees, and daughter Ellie hears, the voice of a young teenage girl who mysteriously disappeared during a total solar eclipse decades before.

    IMDb review:

    Bette Davis plays a widow who earns a living renting out her lavishly appointed English country house to well-to-do visitors~this time a family of four. It is not long before the elder daughter begins to experience a sense of unease as there seems to be a ghostly presence in the woodlands on the estate~a presence linked to the mysterious disappearance many years earlier of the widow's daughter. The movie is not violent and the mood is not one of overt horror but a subtle building up of tension and unease culminating in a climax in an abandoned church where an attempt is made to make contact with the long-vanished child.


    Everyone seems to recall the blonde girl seeing a girl in the mirror who looks like her. If I recall, the other girl is blindfolded, which adds to the scariness. I've seen a reedited version of this that isn't nearly as good as the original one.

    They have it on YouTube if you want to be sure this is the one:

    Youtube thumbnail

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