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New Card Games?

I love playing cards and learning new games, I currently play Bridge, Spades, Hearts, Rummy, All Fours. I am looking for some new non-gambling type games. I can play poker blackjack and all that jazz so thats not what I'm looking for. nybody know any fun games with a standard 52 card deck?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, many of the best games in Europe are played with a reduced pack of 32, 36, or 40 cards. Skat and Schafkopf are excellent games from Germany (the later is often played with a German suited pack of Hearts, Acorns, Leaves, and Bells).

    I would also suggest that you look at some point-trick games. Unlike Bridge or Spades, different cards carry different point values, so it is not the number of tricks that matters but the card points in them. This twist adds a terrific dimension to play. Some good ones to try are Manille (which has many variants), Tressette, and Terziglio.

    If you want to try something very different and enjoy the point-trick games, then I would also suggest tarot. Not many English speakers realize that these cards were created for playing games, games which are still played throughout Europe. Most countries use a French suited pack that you wouldn't recognize as being tarot but the old Italian trumps and suits are still used in Italy, Sicily, and Switzerland. These games range in complexity from the fairly simple (Scarto) through to the very sophisticated that could give Bridge a run for its money (Ottocento, Hungarian Tarokk, Point-Tarock, Royal Tarock).

    For games in general, I suggest looking at:

    For the tarot games, there's my own site:

    One book I would suggest is The Penguin Book of Card Games by David Parlett - due for a new edition this August.

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    Board Games

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    u can play speed and u can can get into yu-gi-oh alot of us here play it and can help u with building ur deck and the rules it's really fun

  • 1 decade ago

    YUGIOH TCG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yugioh is the japan word for "game king"

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