Ach! 14 weeks pregnant and Black Widow spider infestation!!!?

We recently moved into a new home and just discovered that there are black widow spiders everywhere!! Im freaking out because even though the bites aren't deadly, me getting bit by one could really harm the baby. I called an exterminator out and he sprayed inside and out around noon today--at 830 I opened the front door and they were still there--alive and well!! Does anyone know if it takes a little while for the stuff to kill them or do I need to call and reem out the exterminator in the morning? I know it may be a weird question in the pregnancy section but Im sure Im not the only pregnant woman in the world to live near these things so Im looking for some advice cause Im scared to death!!!

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    I wouldn't have any idea if the stuff takes a while to work, but I suggest you call them back in the morning. In the mean time, be very careful. Check your bedding before you go to bed and make sure to wear p.j.'s and socks when you are walking around the house.

  • Hey.. well i always thought black widow spiders were like one of the worst spiders to bite you.. so i would call your dr!! We have lived in our house for almost 2 years and we have found these pretty big spider about 5 times.. i think ours are wolf spiders tho which ihave heard are not as bad if they bite.. but i still freaked out so we just recently bombed our house and we have not seen them to big yet but im sure there be back... I would call back i think the stuff should kick in pretty quick.. I would def. try to get them gone before the baby gets here.. that type of spider bite could really hurt a baby..i sooo hope you get thos prob fixed... thoses things are sooo scary to love with!! Good luck!! Also i heard thay hate lavendar so maybe light some lavendar candles around.. also dust and lke piles of clothes i heard they like that stuff..

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    I would call the exterminator in the morning and check with them. In the meantime check your bedding, shoes,etc before you get into them. Try to steer clear of dark places and cluttered places. Also, according to that Verminator show, clean up all the webs that you find. They said that the black widow spider only eats what it catches in its webs and if you remove the webs they will starve to death before they finish a new one. Be careful and I hope things turn out for the best!

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    Black widow spiders are very risky and with one chunk can kill with a pair of seconds. even nevertheless they are small they harm and you will quickly be on the floor lifeless, so the terrific component to do is the two bypass away it on my own and enable it do what it needs, it may bypass away as quickly as the toddler is born and do in basic terms no longer open your window or you call an authority on spiders and spot if he/ she would be in a position to sparkling it. they are extra risky than a camel spider ( they chunk you, your paralysed and that they consume your pores and skin).

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    sounds like you might need to call the exterminator and ask them to come back out and spray again...or ask them if it takes time to work....i keep finding spiders all over my house too....i recently moved also and there are a variety of spiders all over.....EEEWWWWWW..... but if i were you I would call them tomorrow and ask them...good luck....

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    wow, even if i wasnt pregnant, and in your shoes, i'd be petrified..... get a cat to hunt them down? sorry, i really have no clue :P Good luck, and good luck with your pregnancy, may God bless you.

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