Hawaiian Islands?

What island is the best to live on price wise?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would say Big Island because I've been living here my whole life. We have sun, surf, country, volcanoes, snow, sand, forests, probably the most diverse of all the islands. But for mainlanders, us locals won't throw out a welcome mat for you so you may not like it much. As far as costs, I don't know where the hell the first person would come off saying that O'ahu is cheaper! O'ahu is so damn expensive because they are geared toward tourist, just like Maui. I could rent a 4 br house on the big island for about $1200 to $1500. That's how much a studio apartment would probably cost you in Honolulu. Get your facts straight. Ya it cost a little more to get stuff from Honolulu to the Big Island, but if you're just LIVING here, and you don't plan on having a ranch or farm or business then the impact isn't as bad as they make it sound. If you want to run your own business then I suggest you stay in the mainland.

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    I generally agree with the other 2 but don't discount the out islands just on cost. The natural beauty has to be compared with the largely urban setting of the City and County of Honolulu. Even Kauai has K Mart, Walmart, Home Depot and Longs Drugs. So you can find values.

    Source(s): I live Kauai
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    Most everything gets shipped in to the state & for the most part it enters through Honolulu Harbor. So the neighbor islands have more shipping costs & it adds to their cost of living. For that reason, Oahu is slightly less expensive.

    Source(s): Honolulu resident
  • carly
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    1 decade ago

    price wise big island

    oahu is so expensive

    nd the other islands except big island has water issues cuz of molokai ranch shutting down

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Big Island (Hawaii)

    The other islands are souped up "gimmeyoumoneygimmeyoumoney-

    yankeedollah-yankeedollah" mindtrips full of people who know better than to go to the mainland and pull what they are pulling in the state of Hawaii.

    gimmeyoumoneygimmeyoumoney !!!!!!


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oahu, just because of the infrastructure. on one island you have big city Honolulu, and 45 min away you have the farmlands in kaa'awa. demand for goods are high enough to keep prices reasonable. rent is reasonable and lots of vacancy in nice areas. schools are ave. to above ave. please come with humility for the locals and it will get you very far.

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