Taking AP Psychology, AP Calculus, Ap English?

What prep books I should buy for Ap Psychology, Ap Calculus and AP English? Was the classes and AP exam hard for you? Study Tips? Scores on AP? What is difference between the two Ap English exam and don't say one is on literature and the other one isn't.

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    AP Psychology- I got a 5 on the test and an A in the class. Pretty much one of the easiest AP classes to take. I'm sure you'll be fine. I used the Barron's review book and it helped me a lot!

    AP Calculus AB- I got a 5 on the test and a B in the class. Not such a detrimental class, but it requires time to be put into it. Math has always been my best subject, though. I used the Barron's review book and it helped me a lot!

    AP English- I got a 3 on the test and a B in the class. Defintiely struggled with this class, but english has never been my forte. I used the Princeton Review book and it helped me a lot!

    I also took AP Chemistry and got a 5 on the test and an A in the class.

    Hope this helps and good luck :)

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    4 years ago

    AP Psychology is considered one of the easier AP courses the College Board offers. AP Statistics would be considered a better option if you want a very rigorous schedule. However, seeing as you want to get into pre-med then it would be better to take AP Psychology so you won't have to take it later in college. Since you already have five AP courses, include Calculus, not taking AP Statistics shouldn't be a big deal to the admissions people. Your schedule is currently quite rigorous! It would probably also be very helpful to see what type of requirements pre-med needs so you'll be even more prepared. It'll help with getting certain things done during high school so you won't have to worry about it later.

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    I took both AP English classes and tests. I got a 5 on the AP Comp test and a 4 on the AP Lit. test.

    Both essays have a multiple choice section and three essays that you have to write. On the AP Comp test, one of the essays will be where you have to write a persuasive essay using given sources and your own experience. Also, for the multiple choice section, there will be no passages on analyzing poetry. For the AP Lit test, the multiple choice section will cover poetry, and one essay will be on poetry. Also, instead of writing an essay using given sources, it'll ask you to write one on a book you read of "High literary merit". It'll be a specific question such as, "Write about a novel that had irony" or, mine was, "Write abouta novel where a minor character was a foil of a major character, and how that added to the work."

    I also took AP Calculus and got a 5. I didn't use any books to help but I studied my notes a LOT.

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    1 decade ago

    AP Calc: 5, reviewed notes

    AP Bio: 5, bought a barrons test prep

    AP Stat: 5, too easy... didn't bother studying

    AP Psych: 4, didn't study for it, was a little preoccupied preparing for AP bio

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've only taken AP English Comp. and one can easily land a comfortable grade if you study grammar like crazy! I had a tutor before the test and it helped!

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