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Superman movie?

When will the sequel to Superman returns be out? I hope they make another.

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    There will be called Superman: Man of Steel. It is set to be released in 2009 or 2010. Here is a little more about it.


    Brandon Routh will return as Superman, and improve his muscular physique once more,[101] while Kate Bosworth is enthusiastic to return as Lois Lane.[102] Sam Huntington will reprise the role of Jimmy Olsen,[103] and Frank Langella will reprise Perry White, as they are both under contract for two sequels.[104] Kevin Spacey is set as Lex Luthor, and hopes to complete all of his scenes in a six-week block, as was done for Superman Returns.[105] Tristan Lake Leabu will return as Jason White.[96] Parker Posey has offered to reprise Kitty Kowalski (even for a brief cameo appearance).[106]

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