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Microsoft Access....?

I want to apply for office jobs but some of them require you to know Microsoft Access....I dont think I've ever used this program...what is it like??


I already know how to use Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel btw...

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    MS Access pretty much is a Database Program is can become very confusing if need be.

    Often referred to as simply Access, Microsoft’s database creation and management software.

    Here is a URL for you to read up on it if your really wanting to know much much more about it.

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    I consider Word, Powerpoint and even Excel initiative software where it is easy to learn on your own. Access is different. Unless you have some knowledge of database sftware, you are in for a surprise. Even the most simple task of updating a column of data require you to write an update query. Editing within the table is both slow and difficult. I strongly recommend you to take a basic course. Once you learn the basic, it will be much easier to master from there.

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    to read the basic of microsoft access.

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