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IAFOT asked in Games & RecreationGambling · 1 decade ago

What is your worst day of poker ever? How much did you lose? Bad beats? Coolered? And how did you feel? Share!

I just had the worst day of poker in my entire life. It wasn't even a whole day. It was just a 4 hour session where I almost crippled my entire bank roll and just had the worst luck imaginable.

Here are some of the hands... I handed out 2 bad beats myself but nothing compared to the carnage I faced:

1. I buy in for $2000 at 20/40 NL and after about 15 mins I am sitting on about $3500 and get dealt KK... I limp in 1st postion, one guy raises, 3 guys call, and back to me I make a huge re-raise. The original raiser calls and everyone else folds. The flop comes A K 5 rainbow. We both went all-in and it turns out he had AA.

2. I rebuy for $2000 and my 1st hand immediately is AK suited. I raise and get called by 1 guy. He has only about $900... the flop comes K 10 2 rainbow. He checks, I raise, he goes all-in, and turned out he had K 10.

3. Now I am left with about $1200 or so but I make that up to about $4000 or so and I am even when I get dealt K5 offsuit in the BB.


So two guys limp in and everyone else folds so I check. The flop comes K 6 6. The first guy bets a small amount and the 2nd guy folds and I call. The turn is another K so now the board is K 6 6 K. The guy bets again so I call. The river is a 2 or something completely irrelevant. The guy decides to go all-in and he is smoking a cigarette and seems very upset. So I have to call and it turned out he had pocket 6's and it was all an act and he had Quads to beat my full house.

4. Now I am on super tilt and I decide to go for a walk to the ATM. I come back with $4000 (the full buy-in) and sit down and I am tilting off a couple of hundred and I am left with about $3300 or so when I get dealt QQ. With my loose image, I make a huge raise and get called by this guy. The flop comes 3 2 2 rainbow. I make a huge raise and the guy goes all in and I call immediately putting him on 10's at best. It turned out had had pocket 7's... the turn is an Ace and the river is the 7 he needed... what a day!!!

Update 2:

So I tried to quit for the day and attempted to get in a cab and go back to the hotel but when I went outside there were like 15 people standing in the cab line and I am waiting in line on super tilt for 10 mins until I couldn't take it anymore and I go back to the ATM and take out $20,000 and decide to play 50/100 NL.

5. I buy-in for $10,000 (max buy-in) and find that the players at the table aren't that good... in fact 2 of them were even drunk and this old guy kept going all-in and lost like 4 times in about 20 mins for $5000 buy-in each time. So I don't play a hand for the first 30 mins until I see Kd Qd... I limp in and one guy raises and another calls and I call too. The flop comes 10d 8d Ad and I flop the nuts. Guy 1 bets $1800 and Guy 2 calls immediately and I just call. The turn was a 4s so now I bet $3600 and Guy 1 folds his A10 (told me afterwards thats what he had) and Guy 2 decides to be a hero and goes all-in with his pocket 8's and I call and the river is another 8...

Update 3:

So now I have just lost $18,000 USD and had $10,000 ca$h in my pocket... which is not a good combination. I go to play blackjack where I win about $2000 and decide to play one last hand for $1000 before going back to poker. I get 9 2 and the dealer has a 5... I double down just to get a 3 and the dealer ends up making 18 so I basically broke even... except it took me almost 30 mins to make the $2000 playing with $100/200 ante's only to lose $2000 in one hand like a fool... so anyway I go back to the same 50/100 NL game and buy in for my remaining $10k

6. I bad-beated a guy with 66 vs KK when the flop came 6 Q 10 and took all his money. Then I get 66 again the very next hand and I stayed until the river and hit a miracle 6 to badbeat another guy with a full house on a board of 9 9 2 7 6 against a guy that had K 9. So now I am sitting on about $24,000 and decided that if I get anywhere close to $30,000 that I would just call it a day since the bad beats have been completely crazy.

Update 4:

7. So now its about 30 mins later and I have around $20k to 22k give or take and most of the players have about 7k to 12k except these 2 guys (one was super aggressive and had about 40k and the other seemed to play tight and had about 30k) So I get dealt A 4 suited in the BB and go up against the chip leader aggressor. The flop brings 4 4 7 with 2 spades. He makes a huge bet and I paused for about 5 mins... I am on super tilt still so I didn't even care what he could've had so I raised. He calls immediately and the turn comes a 2 of diamonds. I make another huge raise and he pauses for almost 10 mins... asking me how much I had left... seriously considering folding... which made me feel even better that I had the best hand. He finally says something along the lines of "What do you have... AK of spades or something kid?" and I thought he was out of his mind thinking I would play a nut flush draw like that with a pair on the board for $20,000. So finally he goes all-in finally.

Update 5:

Now I am scared out of my mind. Can it possibly be? This HAS to be the hand that I double up and turn the worst poker day of my life into a positive "+" day right? If I win the hand I would have almost $45,000 and since I am already in for $28,000 I could be up $17,000... That's all that was going through my head really... at no point in the hand did I think that I was beat and I just kept thinking... finally... after the worst feelings ever of losing over $20,000... I could finish this hand and be up $17,000 and maybe walk away up $15k or even more if I get lucky after this hand. So I'm already looking into the future and trying to picture myself winning $50k or so and turning a nightmare into a dream come true. So I took no more time and I make the call... and the guy's face turns blue like he had just seen a ghost... I think he was sure I would fold... he fliprs over A7 and I was so glad to see that hand I almost jumped for Joy... I pumped my fist and gave a wink to the dealer.

Update 6:

I don't know why but after all the bad beats I endured through out the day... usually I predict them or I just feel like I am so unlucky... I would say things like "dealer please no... come on... one time let my hand hold up... etc" this time I had completely forgotten that I didn't have the hand "won" yet... lord and behold, the river brings another forsaken 7 and I lose all my money with 44477 to 77744 on the river. The guy actually felt bad and apologized to me and told me he really thought I had no pair and just a powerful flush draw and was on tilt.


In case you are wondering, I normally play 10/20 NL or 20/40 NL and my bankroll is below 100k... this 28k loss just really makes me want to quit gambling... at least for a long period of time...

Update 7:

So Please... share with me your worst day in poker of gambling in general... I want to see if mine is as bad as it gets... and please don't post something like you turned your $50 online poker bonus into $250 and then lost it all and now you are sad... We are talking big money... crippling bank rolls... sighs... =(

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I will answer Your Question in a different sense then actully answer it.

    1. Bankroll managment is key. Im not goin to ramble on cause i suppose you know. When ever you double your money or even more as ur case was on the 50/100 table, one should probably stand up bank ur cash and if still in the mood to play go back to 10/20 for ur 2k amount and just grind. The A 4 vs A 7 is tough to take. Its hard for me to even read. But think you are dominated preflop. Not to justify the bad beat in anyway just tryin 2 think posotivly.

    Now my story

    2. JUst by the way this isnt the original person whom used this account about the growing issues. That was my little brother. I am 20 years old.

    I play at winstar casino is oklahoma gaming age 18

    My br is something close to 40k since i started with 500 when i was 18. Got pretty good at holdem haha.

    I was playin 10/20 with 1000k

    I was playing perfectly i get K K in the cut off with 3 callers in front of me so the pot was 210 because the first 3 were in for 60. I raise the pot so now its at 480. button folds sb folds bb calls original raise pushes other guys fold. man all in stack was 1.7k at that time beating all of ours i was at 1.2k bb at i would say 950 so pot was 3.5k give or take with the rake

    BB-A K spades

    Original raiser Q Q

    myself K K

    flop-2 5 7 rainbow

    turn 10

    river 6... my kings hold and i am up

    I catch another guy bluffin so i am at say 4.8k

    Ill cut to the chase on my bad beat hand UTG goes all in with Ace K his stack was the biggest i had seen.... bout 15k he said he had been there all day

    I have A A

    ITs perfect i am bout 2 go home 7k richer

    flop 7 6 9

    turn K

    river K

    so i lose my 1k. I leave for the day..

    Luckily the next day i grind with 1k again and run it up to 2,300 usd so i grossed 300 that week in but that utg player is still in my mind

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Real quick answer here. You're playing too big and you never want to play when you're upset at all.

    The worst I've had is getting AA 4 times and KK once in a half hour 6 handed NL and losing the stack each time to a bunch of idiots playing garbage.

    King Cobra Poker

  • 1 decade ago

    Playing on-line with my total bankroll and I am in the big blind.

    I get dealt J3 off and only one person called coming around to me and I only call because I am in the big blind.

    Flop comes JJ3 so I hit full house.

    Dude across from me goes all in right away and he has me covered.

    I took to the last second to call and this was my thought process;

    If he had J something else, I already had my boat, he would have to hit his still - so I am good.

    If he had pocket 3's I had a big boat -so I am good.

    If he had Bullets he still only has 2 pair and I have a boat -so I am good.

    I pushed all in because if I can't call all in with a boat flop then why am I playing?

    Dude flips Cowboys, River turns a K. He wins bigger boat then I have.

    I was unhappy but at least I made the right play and almost every time win that race - except for the once I had all my money in.

    Sorry about your bad bead. We have all had them.

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