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Is the vancouver airport confusing?

I'm flying out thursday morning.

I'm not very scared but it's just my curiosity.

also, will I have to go through customs when I get there or will I be going through those before I leave detroit?

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    You go through customs when you arrive in the country you're going to. You will be handed a little form to fill out while on the plane. When you get off the airplane you'll pick up your luggage, then get in a line-up(don't worry, you won't get lost, everyone else off the plane will be doing the same), hand the little form over to the customs officer, answer a few questions, and that should be it unless there's something they don't like about the answers you give.

    Vancouver airport is only mildly confusing. It isn't a really big airport. I've seen better and I've seen worse. Arriving at it is simpler than leaving. Count on an hour from the time you get off the plane till you're out of the place; maybe less, maybe more, depends on how busy it is at customs.

    Have a good time. You've picked a good season to visit Vancouver. I've heard the weather is supposed to be dry until well into August.

  • John W
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    You will be arriving at the International Terminal at YVR, Vancouver International Airport and will probably be going through customs upon your arrival. The airport is well laid out and is not confusing provided you follow the signs. There are volunteer employees to help the travelling public so no need to get concerned. The airport is located in the municipality of Richmond which is just across the river from Vancouver. There are buses, taxis etc into Vancouver so transportation is not a problem. Enjoy your visit.

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    They will give you a customs form near the end of your flight to fill out before you land. You then go through customs when landing.

    Vancouver's international arrivals area was renovated fairly recently and is pretty good traffic flow and beautiful. Like many North American Airports, leaving is easier than checking in. (Other than clearing customs) From your gate follow the signs for baggage and/or customs. You end up at the customs booths, who mark up your form, and give it back to you. Right behind that is the baggage carousals. You get your luggage and go by one last customs officer who takes your card. Out of that room you are in a room where you can meet anyone waiting for you and close to the exits for taxis, buses or pick ups.

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    No it isn't confusing; it is simply huge and the wait time to go through customs is quite long.

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    Signs are really clear, and if you get confused ask anyone, you'll have no problem at all!

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