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What is a Green Book?

hey guys. im going to have an exam in POLSCI 101 tomorrow. My instructor told us that we need a green book to put our answers in it. so what exactly is it? i tried looking at office depot and they dont know what it is. and if anyone knows what it is, please dont tell me that its a really simple thing. haha coz im a bit new in this country so i was like "what the hell was that?"

anyway, thanks! i hope i get an answer immediately so i could get one before our exam.

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    fairly sure it's just a small booklet with lined paper in it - they always gave them to us in our exams. it's odd that the instructor would tell you you needed one and not tell you where to get on if you needed to bring it. ask someone else in your course. if they don't know, i'd just bring some looseleaf paper and hope the instructor provides said green book.

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