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Where can I sell goods brought from wholesale?

If you try to sell these goods on ebay it is a challenge to even match what you payed. where can i sell them at a higher price?

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    Ebay is going downhill. They made some really dumb changes lately that ruined sales for everybody. Its just a rip off now. You can sell on craigslist or sell in newspaper ads. Many newspapers in USA do not charge you money if you list the ad online. But listing it in print and paying for it might be more profitable, depends on what you are selling. You should definately make your own website and start selling it off of there too and lead people from sites like youtube, myspace, and craigslist to your site where you sell it. You can list for free on many of ebays competitors, although you may not get any sales on many of them or much less sales, they are still free so it doesnt hurt to list. Try ioffer,ecrater,onlineauction,blujay. I would also try sites such as lycos classified, yahoo classified. There's tons of sites that are growing now that will be better than ebay but until then, ebay still has the most customers even though its almost impossible to make any kind of profit there now with the few they do have and their ridiculous fees.

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    Selling local through classifieds websites like and is a good idea. You might even want to consider starting your own ecommerce store or selling at your local flea market.

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