WHich of these statements is true?

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A.Individual productivity is necessary for group productivity B.Sacrifice isnt necessary to achieve group goals C.waste isnt a problem in reaching group goals D.Individual ...show more
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A. If you don't have each person in the group being productive then the entire group productivity will suffer.

P.S. You can eliminate all the other answers just using common sense.
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  • Carolyn W answered 6 years ago
    A is the answer. Everyone should be on the same page to accomplish teamwork. Teamwork is by far a group goal.
    Even one individual in a group, can change attitudes of others by being upbeat, uplifting, and positive. This can rub off on others quite quickly, and any individual that has these qualities, certainly is an asset to any company.


    Worked for the same company 32 years thus far. Have had much expieriance in this field.
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  • bizzogrl answered 6 years ago
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