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hi..i had a webkinz accout and now my bff stol my account..I had 7 pets on it..can i shear an account with you

hi i had a webkinz account but my friend stole it.. i tried every thing nothing would work..sins i had 7 webkinz it was too expensive for me to buy more webkinz can any of you extremely

kind people share a account with me plz plz plz

i swear to god i wont do any thing to you if you plz plz let me

share an account with you!!!!!!!!thanx

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    Yes. I would like to share an account with you. my so called best friedn stole everything i owned in webkinz, im so fed up with it, you can help me build my house back. Email me At, then we can work things out.

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    I am sorry, however this sounds like it is a ploy to get onto someones account.

    On the odd chance that this is legit, sharing accounts appears to go against Ganz's Terms of Use Policy. However if I misread it, it does state in the Security agreement that you are responsible for your account, and you are not aloud to ask another user to "share" their account with you. Doing such will end in the termination of your account.



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    if you have your tags from the webkinz you had before, you can click on ""i forgot my password", and change it! it will ask you for your webkinz code, then it will give you a new password, but then you can change it! that is how to get your account back!!! HOPE I HELPED!!! = ]

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    Sorry, I can't because in webkinz you can't share an account

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    Ok, do you have any of your codes that you registered your pets in? Because if you do then all you have to do is type in your code in the "I forgot my Password" part of the sign in page. Then your account should be back in your control. Hope I helped.

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    well...... No because sharing an acount with someone you don't no is wroung i mean i have 12 webkinz ok and i am not telling you my password or user name i mean it's soooo wroung!

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    Listen to the last 2 posts they're so right. You'll get your account back that way.

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    This sounds like a scam, and you shouldn't have told her your password anyways. Its your own fault. And just go to forgot password and type in one of your codes then it'll change your password.

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    Use capitol letters when they are needed and correct puncuation and LEARN TO SPELL.

    But the answer..

    NO ! My account and it's dumb how EVERYONE asks. That's your effing problem go cry.

    Life sucks, yea yea yea.

    Source(s): Lol WTF! Miley ? You're just a big ray of f|_|(king sunshine, huh!? She freakin rocks though.[thumb down me, fool!]
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    i feel bad for you because this happened to me too! i don't think she is your bff if she did that mean thing to you. maybe you should talk to her! but i feel bad for you so until she gives it back, you can have one of my accounts. i don't feel comfortable posting it here so can you e-mail let me know if you still want it and i will send it to you.

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