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How can I make my golden retriever puppy stop eating rabbit poop?

She's 5 months old. I think she got diarrhea because of it. She's on medication. She keeps sniffing for it i nthe yard. Our yard is fairly large, like around 3 acres about. The poop is like litte bunny poop, and is really small so that I can't look for it, but only my dog can find it.


*sigh* whenver you ask something on yahoo, you get typical, "cookie-cutter" answers.

In reference to your answers...

1. There are wild rabbits on my yard. They're gross, so why would I keep them as pets? (we set up a have-a-heart cage to get rid of them at the nearby park.)

2. My dog is stubborn. No matter what, she'll always keep sniffing even after we yell 'no', pull her away, scold her, and hit her. And don't say hitting your pets is bad and you shouldn't do it. Save your breath.

3. We already do supervise her and keep her on short leash, but she always keeps sniffing for rabbit poop.


Sorry if I didn't make myself clear, but please revise your answers!

Update 2:

OH! And also in reference to the person who said she isn't having a good diet...

We feed her Blue Buffalo and the extra treats we give her are like Cloudstar (purchased at Whole Foods) and Vitality

Chicken Jerky stuff. We also mix in other trhings like canned Blue Buffalo for the taste, along with some supplements that help her have healthy fur. We have been feeding her this way for at least a month, and she had no sign of diarrhea until about a week ago. WE asked the vet and he found bacteria in her intestinal tract, so he prescribed some antibacterial, not antibiotic , thing to kill them off. We also give her pepto bismol to make her stomach feel better. her poop has been getting better but it is still somewhat loose.

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    I was having the same problem with my puppy. I have no idea why they want to eat it, but they do and it was driving me crazy. She would sniff and sniff until she found it and i agree you can't find it like they can. I never let her outside alone and i watch her every move and she still snatched it up. I tried everything to keep her away from it, but nothing worked. I ended up building a pen thing with rabbit fencing to keep them out cause no matter what i did she would not stop. Maybe make a dog pen for her to poop and pee in. I have a small dog so it was a lot easier for me to do, but you can try to fence in just a area for her. I hope i helped cause i know how frustrating it is.

    I wanted to say that i am sure that they was outside with her cause how else would they know that she was eating rabbit poop.

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    If possible, go out with her every time she's outside in the yard and stay fairly close to her. Every time she goes to eat the rabbit poop, correct her by whatever way you usually correct unwanted behavior. After many times of you correcting her actions, she should eventually catch on to the fact that she shouldn't be eating the rabbit poop. Best of luck with your Golden Retriever Puppy! I hope I helped!

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    i suppose the only thing you can try to do to correct it at the moment, is to walk her out in the yard on a leash. bring her out there when she has to go to the bathroom and let her do her business. praise her after she goes to the bathroom of course. if you see her start searching for the rabbit poop, gently pull up on her leash and walk her a different direction. getting her attention away from her search for the little pellets of poo. every time you see her start searching for it, repeat the procedure and get her mind off it it. just turn the opposite way and start walking.

    you should talk to your vet though to see if the diarrhea is even caused from this.

    you can always teach her to keep her mind on something else outside by getting her a new chewtoy or squeaky toy. that way she has something else to keep her busy...

    why is there rabbit poo all over the place anyways? if they're your pets, can you move them somewhere else?


    why do people always get snotty when they don't get the answer they want? we gave you good advice, maybe your dog is missing some brain cells. bring it to a genetic research facility for DOGS and let them experiment on her. is that out of the "cookie cutter" response for you? a lot of people keep rabbits as pets. not everyone finds them "disgusting"...if your yard is so covered in rabbit turds that your dog is having a feast on them every time he goes out there, then you have a rabbit infestation problem. invest in a bb gun and wait for them to come out and play. how's that advice? end of pellet problem.

    people were just responding to your question the best way they knew how. how rude to post an additional comment critiquing the help people were offering.

    look for help elsewhere or get rid of your dog.

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    You have to keep her away from where the rabbit poop is. There's no way to get them to stop.

    Source(s): I have the same deal with the cat litter box.
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    to the person who said the dog will eventually learn that the poo is making the dog sick lol YOU ARE WRONG,keep her supervised while she is out there and if you see her eating it stop her,she is not going to stop because it makes her sick dogs dont care if it tastes and smells good to them they will eat it no matter how bad it is for them my dog(s) like to eat cat poo no matter how sick it makes them they never learn from it they arent stupid just how dogs are which is why I never let them anywhere near the litter box.

    EDIT>>yes and no matter how many times you yell at her and pull her away she is not going to stop and she is going to keep sniffing for rabbit poo very gross I other words nothing you can do,do you know many times I have yelled at my dogs and pulled them away from the litter box?more than I can count.I do have a spare room for the kitties which is where i keep my litter boxes for them and I have a gate there so the dogs wont go there(they are not allowed in there AT ALL)that was my solution for that.Like I said not much you can do but not let your dog in your yard.

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    this is actually a deisies dogs have forgot the name but some dogs eat other animal crap because they are lacking importaint parts of their diet all the dog food you can buy in a local store such as stop and shop or wall mart are CRAP even purina and canidae are CRAP some dogs do better on it then others but some really need the extra suppliments i have heard blue buffalo is a great food to feed your dogs. i personally feed my dog purina this is because i cant afford the other stuff as of now and he does fine on it and is perfectly healthy on it. if he wasnt and was eating other animal crap to get the extra suppliments yes i would spend the extra cash on that food.

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    I think the dog will eventually learn that the rabbit poop is making her sick, and will stop eating it.

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    Make sure she's supervised when she's out there, and if you see her munching away, stop her!

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    You'll have to be outside with her to correct any negative behavior. But on the bright side, rabbit poop is the best one to choose and I've heard that it's sometimes good for them.

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