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Calling all HIM fans?

A question concerning Ville Valo.

How exactly do you even say his name? All help is appeciated:D

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    It's a little hard to write down how to exactly pronounce Ville's name, but here's the most accurate way of doing it:

    Ville: Vee-leh

    Valo: Vah-loh

    Source(s): My best friend is Finnish ;-)
  • Ville is like Vill-ah, and Valo is like Halo with a V.

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    It's vill- like village, but instead of the age it's e, like, you'd say later with.

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    It's like saying Willie except with a V instead of a W

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just like it looks.

    vi-lie va-lo

    Hope I help.

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