Which Air Force Jobs Translate to Good Civilian jobs?

I qualify for any Air Force enlistee job I want (which would be available). I am willing to do anything. Which jobs translate best to the civilian workplace with these two factors: high pay (over $50K/year) and good availability of jobs.

I am 27 years old and already have a bachelor's degree. It isn't in any technical specialty (social degree), and I'm probably not willing to get another degree to accompany the field I work in with the Air Force.

Airmen/family members respond only please.

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  • jim
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    1 decade ago
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    Airfield operations/ATC

    PJ (basically get the first two years of med school-firehosed. Good opportunity to finish med school after separating)

    Security Forces-all aspects

    Intel Analyst

    Aircraft Maintenance, though these jobs don't really pay as much as people believe in the civilian sector...

    I would recommend starting a Master's in either your BS/BA or something similar like Business Management once you get settled into the AF. Take advantage of that TA. A Master's regardless of what it's in, normally boosts your income $7-8K/yr

    Source(s): Retired AF Officer.
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    Af Civilian Jobs

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    Possibly being an aircraft mechanic, you can transition out of the AF and get a good job working for a major company. Could be an MP , that gives you good experience to be a cop.

    If you have a BA try out being an officer and becoming a pilot. Most airlines and major air companies love pilots who have military experiences. It all depends though what you enjoy.

    you don't want a job you gonna hate. That could ruin your life.

    Also you might not want to leave the Air force. you might make that your life career. Its possible!

    Good Luck on your choices....Make smart decisions and do something that you would like to do..

    The armed services have some of the most exciting jobs!

    Source(s): AF web site
  • 1 decade ago

    Linguistic, They learn different languages in the air force which is always needed in todays world. you could get so many goods jobs if you knew how to speak Arabic and good stuff like that. Plus, some linguistics go into the air to translate stuff, FUN.

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