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Does this look like a good website for a dog?

i'm thinking about getting a puppy does this look like a legitamate website- please look at everything



i know they are selling "mutts" but they get all their shots, they are profesionally groomed, dewormed, and more just look at the "whats included" then tell me if it still looks good

Update 2:

also they set appointments for you to meet the puppy

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    Yes and no. Yes it is a good site to go to find puppys. And no because in my personal oppinion you should look locally to find breaders, and get to see the puppys in real life. And DO NOT GO TO PET SHOPS!!! not all but some pet shops the animals come from mills, they are very bad for the puppys. A LITTLE info about a puppy mill is that it is in horrible condition they dont clean up, small cages, dogs are force breaded every heat cycle, and much more if you buy a puppy that came from that, then it is like supporting that.

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    1. No good breeder sells mutts

    2. No good breeder has puppies available 'right now'. They have pre-screened homes lined up BEFORE the dogs are even bred and a waiting list in case one of the homes falls through.

    3. They ask no questions about the type of home you will provide. They do not care who buys the puppy, only that you pay for it.

    4. They specify 'no red tape' and 'no restictions'. Again, they don't care about where the puppies go or making sure the puppy is the right fit for that family. They only care that you have the money to pay for it and will 'take ownership now'.

    5. NO reputable breeders feels the need to state that many times on their website that they aren't a puppy mill. That's sort of a tip-off that they ARE a puppy mill, or at least pretty close.

    6. Claim they only have 7 homes breeding. Yet they appear to have roughly 8 litters listed for sale now. Reputable breeders have one or two litters a year. Obviously these homes are producing a good deal more than that.

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    The website raises many red flags for me.

    -There are way too many puppies available for sale.

    -The contact request form on the website didn't ask a single question about the future owner's lifestyle, if they rented or owned, if they have a fenced yard, if they had any previous or current dogs, didn't ask for references... nothing that would indicate that they care where the puppies wind up.

    -They showed 5 luxury houses where the puppies are supposedly being raised in family environments, yet they only showed one puppy play room that you can plainly see is a converted garage by the garage doors in the photos.

    -There are no pictures of the mother dogs with the litters or without the litters.

    -They accept master card and visa.

    -They say that you must be ready to take ownership NOW and that they do not keep a waiting list, which means they do not do any screening of potential owners and are not being selective of the homes they will send their puppies to.

    I wouldn't even consider that place. It sounds like a puppy mill to me, and I suspect that the mother and father dogs live in horrendous conditions.

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    you're searching for for some thing that would not exist. there's no longer such concern as a 'teacup' something. they are in simple terms the little runts of a clutter breed to different little runts that are very sickly little creatures. you will pay an arm & a leg for the canine yet you will even have some very extreme Vet costs using fact they have various wellbeing issues. maximum Chihuahua's are very small any way, they are the smallest of all breeds. won't be in a position to you in basic terms get a usual Chi? keep your self some funds the two on the fee of the canine however the destiny Vet costs. So do no longer purchase a canine off the internet it incredibly is by no potential seen till it arrives. you would be very disillusioned at what you get. you ought to have the potential to %. the domestic dog you choose & no longer get the trash a breeder is attempting to do away with. Watch you community newspaper for Chi's. There are greater Chi's on the industry right here than the different breed.

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    NO! They are irresponsible BYB. Just because they come with shots and grooming does not make up for the fact that they are breeding mutts and selling them to random people on the internet. No reputable breeder would do either of those things.

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    I wish you had asked about this before you got your puppy (if this is the place you bought her) =(

    I bet she's a sweet dog, but only disreputable and irresponsible people purposely breed for a mixed breed litter.

    I would question the ethics of these people in each and every other part of their lives. If you haven't bought a dog from them, don't. Just RUN.

    If you have....oh well.

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    NO! these are nothing but BYB and a fancy web site does not excuse the breeding of poor quality dogs just for cash!

    Run and do not look back at his horrible place!

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    awww..they are soo cute.but those are pricey for mutts.if you want a cute puppy there iz this great no kill dog shelter!!!!!! it saves all dogs and alot are the parents of puppy mill puppies. they are sooooo cute and worth looking at. they come spayed and nurtured. plus they tell you bout each dog and why its there at the shelter!!!!! so adopt!!!


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    No. They're selling mutts. NO good breeder sells mutts. Sorry.

    EDIT: You can get all those "extras" from the shelter. Why would you buy a mutt? These people only want your money!!!

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    yes because you can tell the breaders have made the website themselves

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